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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. Deezel177
    The human ear can slightly change its shape depending on the position of your head, your jaw, etc., so this is very much natural. It's why an IEM can also sound different or fit differently when we're eating, yawning, etc. You lying down may have caused a slight change in shape that's allowed the slightest loss of a seal, which reduces the bass response.
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  2. BananaOoyoo
    Yep that’s pretty normal. It’s why it’s important to get your ear impressions done in your natural listening position and condition.
  3. F700
    Already in love... Calyx M and Fibae Black... Cozyness at its best
  4. davidmolliere
    Beautiful pics !
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  5. piotrus-g
    Wow! What a beautiful pictures! Happy listening!
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  6. piotrus-g
    For those who don't follow us on instagram or facebook. Here's full announcement:


    With this Black Friday we are celebrating 1-year anniversary since FIBAE Black's release so today we want to present a new chapter for our 3D printing process - FIBAE Black in clear 3D-printed shell!
    For quite some time we have been working hard to perfect the process for transparent shell printing. Finally we arrived at an impeccable quality we are happy with and which gives us confidence to say these are the best looking 3D printed shells in the industry.

    Available now!
  7. subguy812
    Man I like those..there is something about clear shells. Not sure what, but sexy.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2019
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  8. davidmolliere
    I might just reshell them for the fun of it someday, plus switch to 2 pin for some reason back then I chose MMCX for the Black :thinking:
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  9. dhruvmeena96
    Thats daAam smexy bro
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  10. annasoh323
    me: <realizes my Black are in the mail and are being shipped back to me as I type>
    also me: <thinking about getting a box ready to send them back>
    also also me: <realizes it's been months since I first broke them and had to send them in so I'd rather just listen to them instead>
    final me: <begins checking bank account for money to order new IEMs>

    Question to @piotrus-g : If my memory is right, you mentioned that all orders for black colored shells would be 3D-printed. Is this true for all clear shells from here forward as well? Also in my memory, you mentioned once you figured out 3D-printing the clear shells, other colors would be easier to do. Is that still true? Are we close to the utopia of 3D-printed shells in different colors? (Even just solid colors - I imagine the patterns and swirls are harder to replicate in the process).
  11. piotrus-g
    For now we are going to 3D print clear only for Blacks.
    As for the other colors... We will see how it goes. We already have some ideas for next steps
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