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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. piotrus-g
    Awesome to hear that!
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  2. buonassi
    I'd have to think the bi-flange probably gets it closer to sounding like the custom version.
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  3. Deezel177
    Jomo Audio also recommend bi-flange tips for the most custom-like sound, but of course, it all depends on your ear anatomy and the construction of the monitors at the end of the day.
  4. piotrus-g
    Actually no, as bi-flange bumps 4-8kHz making the IEM a bit more bright.
    I think I also mentioned it some time ago that the Black Universal has a second P.O.D. filter attached parallel to main P.O.D. duct. The secondary filter is specifically designed for the stock tips to compensate the effects of wide sound bore so that when you use stock tips there will be little peaks happening, the response will still be very smooth.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2019
  5. davidmolliere
    I noticed significant difference between the universal Black and the custom, the custom has more slam, body and impact (and is warmer) on the flipside I found the universal more balanced and maybe less polarizing? Note that I tried the universal Black with the custom art silicon tips so it’s not only a matter of custom fit vs universal tips...
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  6. davidcotton
    Could never get double flanges to fit properly :frowning2:
  7. Dobrescu George
    Yes, but the changes are quite large. I was expecting something minor, but it feels like they are made to be listened this way

    Actually, usually I get pretty poor fit with bi flanges as well, but this time they fit fairly well, somehow the variety that The Custom Art included work well for me. I never used bi flanges comfortably before tbh
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    I've had the custom Fibae Black since Monday. Almost got the Campfire Equinox, but wanted to give another company a try and the Black is much cheaper. It's my first custom and boy has it delivered so far. My first impression is surprise with how much they keep pace with the Lyra II dynamics. I'll say it may sound a touch fuller and has a deeper sound stage out of the ZX300. That will be a perfect Combo for on the go. It's easy to like the Black more due to it's superior fit over the Andromeda, but Black also seems to have the more engaging sound signature to me. The bass hits with impact while the mids have that clear layered depth that I prefer. No more fiddling with tips.
  9. piotrus-g
    Awesome to hear that! Enjoy your FIBAE Blacks!
  10. buonassi
    @piotrus-g - since I've ordered the blacks and my electronic scans are on file there, can those scans be used for a fibae 4 or fibae 7 perhaps? Or is it recommended to send in physical impressions again since Fibae 4/7 are poured (not 3d-printed)?
  11. homzik
    As far as I know, your old earmolds could be used for producing any other products like IEMs (acrylic or silicone), custom tips or sleeping plugs.
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  12. davidcotton
    Should be fine. In Deezels review of the 4 he mentions that "The ear impressions are scanned and trimmed in the digital domain. Once the shape is finalised, it’s printed and turned into a cast for the traditional, hand-poured technique. So, you get the precision of digital processing with the transparency and pristine-ness of hand-poured, UV-cured acrylic." If you want 3-d printing then it's black shells + face plate of choice.

    I'm annoyed. With a certain political process affecting the £, it's become quite expensive to order from Europe now :frowning2: Before this whole "process" (being very careful what I type here as don't want to get banned!) the euro was something like 1.53, today it's 1.06! Similar with the $ Back then it was around $1.48, today it's $1.20 (which make the aforementioned Equinox above that I'd been interested in due to the very short nozzles way out of my comfort zone if it wasn't before). Not Custom Art's fault of course, but it's just frustrating for me that I finally get a decent set of molds done (and you've no idea how I wish I had found this audiologist first, could have saved a lot of time and effort)and all the prices go up!

    Rant over, feel a bit better now :p
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
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  13. jeffhawke
    Move to Switzerland my friend, while you can! :sunglasses: Euro priced goods are getting cheaper by the day, and for those (like yours truly) who live close to the Italian border it's a little bonanza, provided your income is in Swiss francs...
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  14. piotrus-g
    We can use your scans to make non-3D printed IEMs
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    I've noticed my Custom Black sounds a little bassier when I'm sitting up. When I lay back it sounds more balanced. Most time I liten to my music while laying back so it kinda works out. It never feels like its going to fall out though. Has anyone experienced this with a custom?
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