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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. shirt
    Mine arrived on thursday [thanks Piotr and team!] along with a balanced 4.4mm cable from oidio for my hiby r6 pro. I should be a happy chappy right now, but i've had an ear infection since last wednesday and it's still too sore to contemplate wearing iems :frowning2: so annoying!
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  2. davidcotton
    Ouch, must be frustrating! Hope it clears up soon :)
  3. davidcotton
    Sadly (perhaps not) I've got a built in limiter on my wallet. I tend to play nicely around the £500 (or what used to be midfi) level. Any higher than that on my credit card and I get nosebleeds. I'm in the strange position where I can generally afford things that I want but have to justify it to myself. Still never say never. It's also refreshing to see CA's prices for flagship stuff compared to others anyway :)
  4. annasoh323
    I know the feeling. My conception of what is reasonable is slowly eroding... My wallet is in trouble if Piotr announces that 3D printing can be done in multiple colors. Thankfully, there isn't a special preorder price so no time pressure. I have time to build a special fund if I decide I'm serious about getting them some day. I wonder how well the F7 complements the Black.
  5. jeffhawke
    Really curious to read the first comparisons F7 vs Black.
  6. piotrus-g
    Very very different IEMs, FIBAE Black is darker, more relaxed and smoothed out, F7 is more neutral, more sub-bass heavy and highs presence is increased by a lot, it's much brighter signature.
  7. subguy812
    Licking my chops after that description...
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  8. Maladict
    So I've had my FIBAE Black for about a month now and had planned on writing this much earlier. Anyways, I am very happy with them and they're great value for the money. These are my first CIEM's and I knew that I wanted something different from my Sennheiser HD800 that I use at home. I must say that the descriptions I've read here and in some reviews matched really good with my own impressions (fun smooth sound with a nice bass but of course lacking in details and soundstage compared to my usual headphones) so they delivered exactly what I was expecting. This has been a really good fit for me since I mostly use these when I am outside and it's great to switch from the more analytical sound of the HD800 to something more easy going then. Should say that before the FIBAE Black I used a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 when outside but wasn't really a fan of the sound and the bulkiness of using such headphones outside and it could distracted me from the music so the Blacks has been a huge upgrade for me. :)

    I also knew that I wanted something different in terms of looks and I must thank Piotr and the team for showing an endless amount of patience with me since it took some time before I could decide on something I wanted and we could find something that was doable. I was a bit worried that my idea was totally rubbish but I am really happy with the results and it feels kinda unique. Amazing work from CA in my opinion. Though I am sure the design/idea is not for everyone since it kinda stands out.

    I am terrible photographer and it was kinda hard to get pictures that really showed off the holographic glitter that makes up the design. Tried to show the contrast that can occur when they catch a bright light at least.
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  9. Deezel177
    Absolutely gorgeous pieces! :D
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  10. buonassi
    So.... I'm trying out an ISN HiFi 8 core SPC OCC cable. It was under $35 from penon and arrived in the US in about a week with free shipping. I must say, it's really ergonomic. Better than I was expecting. Now, this isn't litz and and it probably won't hang with the big boys, but it does have considerably lower resistance than the stock plastics one cable. 0.3 vs 1.3 ohms respectively.

    Moving from a plussound copper exo, sparkle is back (despite measuring almost exactly the same as the plussound on the multimeter). The increased treble gives the impression of a less fuzzy sounding 3khz peak because it doesn't stand out as much relative to the bass and treble now. Overall tonal balance is that of the stock cable but with better extension on both ends. At first, the bass on the ISN seemed bloated and loose with poor control, but after a couple hours that sensation has diminished quite a bit - not sure if this is brain or cable 'burn in'. Anyway, I'm back to using the Black without any EQ! For the price, it's a keeper!

    Just thought I'd share as it's a low risk, low cost, faster-than-expected-shipping option if you want to try some cable rolling.

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  11. Dobrescu George
  12. piotrus-g
    Hey Guys and Girls!
    For the past couple of months we have been working very very hard pushing ourselves to the max. We have made all the necessary changes to our production line and we increased our production capacity few-folds in last months and we are now outputting more order per week than we used to be able to do in a month!
    We are very happy to announce that we cleared most of our order backlog and we are back on track with 4-5week turnaround time and we are looking to reduce it further to 3week time next. All that while improving fit-rate thanks to our advanced 3D printing technology and while maintaining or even improving our quality in some areas!
    Thank you all for your support and patience, now we are excited we will be able to deliver our products better and faster!
  13. subguy812
    20190704_103813.jpg Back in Black....my walking companion today
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  14. davidcotton
  15. subguy812
    Mine? No they are Custom
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