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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. FunctionalDoc
    What tips come with the universal fit?

    I would like to get extra's if they are hard to find in the US .

    Payment is fine by TransferWise coming from a US based order that you have on your site?

    Watched a video on the resonator on YouTube.

    I think going universal IEM's less hassle and I like that you have adjusted the tuning for that type of fit. I really wonder on how many customer IEM manufactures do take this in consideration when the model is done both ways .

  2. Deezel177

    Here were my impressions of it. As far as I know, nothing's been changed from the prototypes we received:

    Here are my comparisons between the Black, the FIBAE 2, the FIBAE 3 and the Harmony 8.2:
  3. chaiyuta
    Could you describe about "Pressure Optimizing Design"? Is it a technology that is similar to ADEL/APEX module but different approach?
  4. piotrus-g
    Soundwise yes, they kind of follow similar sound signature. I would say that Harmony has wider sound stage, but not actually bigger in terms of overall size. Harmony would have a bit more extra sub-bass and a little bit more extra highest highs. Blacks have thicker mid-bass. I'm also willing to say Harmony is more capable with details and technicalities while Blacks are much more musical and "romantic" sounding.
    Not sure if I'll be able to answer your question about tips, but they are simply black with 5mm opening - so not too wide. but not too narrow either.
    Transferwise is ok

    Please note I already answered this question on previous page: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/custom-art-fibae-black-announcement.893870/page-2#post-14615693
    chaiyuta and Deezel177 like this.
  5. jago
    The innovation alone is just absolutely phenomenal. What you guys are creating... sorry innovating is truly stunning!

    My order is in, and i cannot bloody wait!

    Congrats guys!
    piotrus-g likes this.
  6. Piotr Michalak
    Good job @piotrus-g - you've really hacked the system! That's a "mafia offer" I can't refuse.
    davidmolliere and piotrus-g like this.
  7. Hank_Venture
    The order can be put in prior to having impressions? hoping to get mine done by early next week.
    piotrus-g likes this.
  8. homzik
    Yes, no problem.
  9. davidcotton
    With regards to tips they are similar to the standard sony hybrids and come in small, medium and large that were popular on headfi for awhile, and a pair of double flange tips as well. Other tips that fit (this is all assuming this is based on the standard CA universal model) would be Final Audio E and Comply T400. Symbios by mandarin also fit so you should be able to find something that works for you.

    Congratulations to another outstanding piece of work Piotr. Got to say I'm tempted, and I've only just got back my fibae 2's!
  10. piotrus-g
    Thanks David!

    FIBAE Black will have different sleeves though than our standard tips
  11. zibra
    How does it sound out of lg v30? Isnt there too much smoothness and warmness? I dont want to buy dedicated dap.
    Is in ear sd2 much different iem in terms of sound?
  12. jeffhawke
    Same here
  13. ncristia
    Quickest impulse buy ever!
    scottsays likes this.
  14. Acemcl
    Thanks for your impressions! How would these compare to the Empire Ears Phatom?
  15. ryanjsoo
    Hey mate, I have little issue getting a seal on the uni. It has a medium depth fit but the housings are smooth and fairly compact so they slot nicely into my ears.

    They have a non-recessed 0.78mm 2-pin connector that fits my aftermarket cables just fine.

    Customs are more fit dependent, mine fit a little too tight which gave me some pressure and the impression of a more congested sound. This was not a problem on the uni which sounded open and impressively spacious to me, especially impressive given that we now can say for sure that this is a single driver design. With a properly fit custom, I would assume the sound would be the same with the added benefit of a perfect seal every time and greater isolation.
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