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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. Will Chiu
    Can I have these in universal form
  2. homzik
    Yes, you can select universal version.
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  3. piotrus-g
    These sounds completely different than Dunu, far more smoother signature.

    Early reviews can be found in this thread going backwards https://www.head-fi.org/threads/customart-fibae-impressions-thread.854355/page-92
    They will work from iPhone 6s but they will have to be driven near the highest volume due to overall low sensitivity.
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  4. teecee5
    How would you compare the FIBAE Black to the Ei.XX ?
    edit: especially interested wether the Black hits harder or has generally more bass than the ei.xx
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  5. piotrus-g
    Ouch, haven't listened to Ei.xx in a while. From memory I would say Black has much cleaner bass response, faster but with similar attack and less sub-bass presence for sure. Much more pronounced and forward mids and highs. Considerably wider stage with similar depth.
    I could compare to FIBAE MEs much easier.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
  6. teecee5
    Which one are you talkin about? Ei.XX oder Black?
    And thank you :)

    They seem very very promising, espescially at that price.
    Quite tempting, the Ei.XX blew my mind, but just a little bit more basskick would have been nice.
    So maybe the FIBAE Black or FIBAE2 might be the choice, but have to read more impressions
  7. subguy812
    I want to give major props to Piotr and the CA gang. I was going to post last night but we were still celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. While Piotr has always been far more kind to the consumers finances than most, this is an incredible steal. The sound quality and technology needs to be commended and hopefully that commendation comes in the form of incredible sales. When I saw the Black Friday announcement last night I was shocked to see it is a 1 driver IEM. My guess, was tainted by the Massdrop Exclusive release, but was 6 driver @$900. I only thought $900 based on CA's aggressive pricing of all of their offerings, not that it doesn't sound like $1500 IEM, because it does. Congratulations on a job well done!

    IMG_20181027_101608.jpg Sexiness defined!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  8. shinbojan
    I like my 2000j, but I would prefer something sounding closer to my Fidelio X2.
    Do you think that I would love these or do you think some other model would be a better choice?
  9. piotrus-g
    Was talking about Black, sorry. I updated my post.
    Well I would probably recommend FIBAE ME (Massdrop Exclusive) if you need similar sound to Ei.xx but better. FIBAE Black doesn't have bigger bass or more kick, it puts quality over quantity.
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  10. subguy812
    This :point_up:
  11. piotrus-g
    It's been a while since I've heard X2 but I recall it as smooth, warm sounding headphones and if I'm correct then Blacks would be within similar signature realms
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  12. FunctionalDoc
    I have couple questions about this IEM:

    1. Is the 2 pin option the .78 mm normal configuration?

    2. So how hard is it to get a seal with the universal type and what tips worked the best ?

    3. How is the authority of the bass compare to the Empire ears Legend series for the reviewers that have both?

    4. If you do a custom fit how much will the sound change vs the universal? I have only owned universal IEM's ?+

    5. The Pressure Optimizing Design how is the achieved and how does it compare to ADEL or Apex system from 64 Audio ?

    I have Onkyo DXP-1A and was wondering in balanced mode if it will have enough power to drive these adequately ?

  13. piotrus-g
    Depends on your ears. FIBAE Black universal is tuned with tips so recommended would be using stock tips. I'm sure @ryanjsoo could chime in as he has currently universal version on hand.
    It's much lower authority - if you are looking for that kind of bass - look into FIBAE ME - I'm sure @PinkyPowers could help you out with more detailed comparison as he has all three (LX, FIBAE MEs and Blacks)
    There's some boost in 3-8kHz range with universal fit. I forgot to post the graph yesterday. We optimized the universal output by adding another carefully tuned P.O.D. to minimize effect of the ear tip and bring the output closer to custom.
    Well I would say the description in the first post is quite detailed - it's a helmholz filter attached directly at the driver. Both ADEL and APEX relieve pneumatic pressure to the outside world. Our filter is contained within shell, and shell is sealed from the outside world.
    Blacks are not that hard to drive - they will work well with majority of today's smartphones, I'm sure dedicated player will be more then sufficient.
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  14. kendosperling
    By the way it's great to have you here answering all the questions promply...here another one if you don't mind:
    What are the main differences to 8.2? From first impressions i understand they are more similar than different?
  15. scottsays
    This may be way too good a deal to pass up. I keep saying to myself---that is it--no more audio equipment.......then I see this. Damn----
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