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Custom Art FIBAE Black Announcement

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  1. piotrus-g
    Deezel177 likes this.
  2. jeffhawke
    Can share a little (just a little) more details on FIBAE 4? Please?
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  3. ustinj
    If it hasn't been mentioned yet, the FIBAE Black has awesome bass. I'm surprised it comes from a single BA driver!!
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  4. piotrus-g
    Tomorrow you'll know everything about FIBAE4 :)
  5. Alcarinquei
    Oh, that's great!!! I am having an eye on the black since january (like you know, just to miss the pre-order special price :p) Might as well enjoy to wait a bit more and have comparison with fibae 4. And thank you guys for reviews!

    Just this volume question. I did not quite get it. The black is not hard to drive but it does require more volume meaning it plays better when it is loud? or the volume curve is slow and one have to turn the volume up quite a bit to get a normal sound volume.

    I like to listen at low volume, with ciem that would probably be perfect.
  6. piotrus-g
    I meant that the volume is simply lower compared to other IEMs, you have to turn up your player's volume more to achieve the same level than with say FIBAE2 - so it's the second scenario you described
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  7. Deezel177
    And today, they'll know everything about you. :wink: The second instalment of my interview series An Inner View is now live on TheHeadphoneList.com - featuring none other than the man himself: @piotrus-g! :D (photos mostly via Custom Art)

  8. piotrus-g
    Thank you Daniel! :)
    Deezel177 likes this.
  9. davidmolliere
    @Deezel177 Fantastic read, I love the Inner View series and this one in particular:thumbsup:

    I also noted two things, a hint about the FIBAE 4 signature and hint of a potential flagship model down the line :D Exciting!
  10. davidcotton
  11. Deezel177
    Thanks so much, David! :D
  12. subguy812
    Great job Daniel, another quality job!
  13. Deezel177
    Much appreciated, Troy! :D
    piotrus-g and subguy812 like this.
  14. justrest
    Great write up, enjoyable to read.
    piotrus-g and Deezel177 like this.
  15. Deezel177
    Appreciate it! :)
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