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Custom 6080/6AS7 OTL Headphone Tube Amp - In Black Walnut

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  1. swich401
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    Custom made 6080/6AS7 OTL headphone tube amp. Uses oil/wax polypropylene capacitors in the high voltage supply and in part of the low voltage heater supply. This amp is better than the Bottlehead Crack, Crack-a-two-a, and Apex Teton.

    Uses a single voltage amplification stage followed by a current amplification stage. There are no transformers in the direct signal path, and only high quality polypropylene output capacitors.

    Both the high voltage and low voltage power rails are highly regulated for the cleanest, blackest background and incredible detail. The high voltage supply has a super regulator that is not found in any other amp like this!

    The input stage is able to take 12AU7, 12BH7, 6SN7, e88CC and many others with the use of tube adapters. I have built in the ability to change the current of the constant current source (CCS) for the input tube to match with any tube that you'd like to run.

    The power stage uses a 6080 dual triode, which can optionally be replaced with a number of other power tubes like the 7236, 5998, or 6528, tailoring the sound to your headphones and musical preferences. This amp can even use the 6336 tube (higher power than two 6080 tubes in parallel!) as shown in the images in this ad.

    Volume control is via a custom stepped resistor attenuator - One of the best volume control there is for fidelity! Better than rotary pots seen in most other amps. This is the three control knobs you see on this amp (one does coarse volume steps, the other two controls fine volume for each separate channel)!!

    Has output connector option for both single ended and balanced headphones.

    The base is made out of beautiful black walnut wood, and stained with boiled linseed oil and tung oil.

    Comes with a large assortment of tubes:

    Driver tubes:
    (1X) Shuguang 6SN7
    (1X) Sovtek 6H8C
    (1X) Sylvania (Zenith Branded) 12BH7A
    (1X) General Electric 5963
    (1X) Sylvania 5814A
    (1X) Adapter for 6SN7 to 12AU7 socket

    Power Tubes:
    (2X) Philips ECG JAN-6080WC
    (1X) Chatham 6336
    (1X) SED 6H13C

    I'll provide a 10 year warranty on the amp overall, and a 2 year warranty on the tubes.

    IMG_20180430_112926.jpg IMG_20180430_112937.jpg IMG_20180511_083157.jpg IMG_20180511_084853.jpg IMG_20180511_085958.jpg IMG_20180511_090014.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  2. Luxifer
    Is this amp of your own design?
  3. swich401
    Yes, this is my own design. There is nothing else like it on the planet.
    buonassi likes this.
  4. Luxifer
    That's really cool. It's a bit more than I need right now, but good luck with the sale!
    swich401 likes this.
  5. swich401
    Price drop! Bump!
  6. swich401
  7. swich401
  8. swich401
  9. swich401
  10. CanadianMaestro
    So many bumps....:head_bandage:
    You may want to consider lowering the price even more.
    There's no personal warranty, is there?

  11. swich401
    Price dropped even lower!

    I can provide a 10 year warranty on the amplifier itself. As tubes are a consumable item, I'll warranty tube life for 1 year, or 2000 hours, whichever comes first.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2018
  12. smodtactical
    Better than the Apex Teton? Wow that is quite a claim! So that would put it above all amp and sound gear? What about this vs DNA Stratus ?

    Also are you planning on starting your own headphone amp company?
  13. swich401
    IMO the Apex Teton is hugely overpriced. I would not place this above all amp and sound gear. On the contrary, I don't think amps can be compared like that as each person has a preference for particular sound signatures. E.g. The DNA Stratus has a completely different topology, so can't be compared to this (DNA Stratus is a SET transformer-coupled amp whereas this (and the Apex Teton) is an output transformer-less amp). Note that being an OTL, this amp really works best with high impedance headphones such as the Sennheiser HD600, HD650, HD800, Beyerdynamic T1, T2, etc.

    Not planning to start my own company at this time, I just make these custom amps on the side as a hobby.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018
  14. Goosepond
    Did you get my PM???

  15. CanadianMaestro
    Not quite. 20-yr warranty with the BHA-1 amp.
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