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Currently have a sennheiser 598, not that satisfied

  1. NatureEnergy
    hey everyone i currently own a sennheiser 598 over a year now. Im not really satisfied with this headphone. my previous headphone was a beats by dr dre studio. 
    I listen to techno, instrumental, some  classical ( beatles,beegees),a little  rock (nirvana)  and some pop music..I have to admit the bass is lacking on the senn but i do not want something that has muddy bass and ruins the clarity of the headphones. One of my fav techno is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B28AQ6898BU. Its something calm and also techno-ish :)
    I was recommended a beyer 770dt pro at first but i decided to go for the sennheiser 598. the ques is, is it worth to get a pair of beyer 770dt right now? Also, i hate the open headphones design.. I didint know it was this bad. 
    Or am i better off with an IEM? im using it on my phone / PC. Im just afraid IEM will damage my hearing more. I usually listen to 50%volume. But the senn 598 comfortability is incredibly awesome.
    EDIT: i've got my hearing test just a while ago my results were normal thankfully. so i do not want to risk getting hearing damage or something like that. I wanted to invest in speakers but i dont think it suits me. the portability is poor and the sound may not be as good as headphones/IEM
    my budget is around 300-400$
  2. NatureEnergy
  3. Trunks159
    Id go with the kef m500, psb m4u1, ATH WS99, DT770, or ATH A900x.
  4. NatureEnergy
    Hey man! I"ve changed my mind to go for IEM and my budget is 100-200.
    Considering the tdk ba200, Yamaha eph100, beyer Xp series and Hifiman re400
    Which of these will be good for my music genre? Not too much of a bass head but I want the bass to make me go like "wow" at the same time also clear vocals
  5. Trunks159
    Sorry, I know nothing about iems. All I could recommend are the TF10,and GR07 Bass Addition.

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