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Curious Cables USB

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  1. Dalgas
    Just ordered a Curious USB cable. Sadly it will be 7-10 days before I receive it. Should be a real "Giant-killer" according to the tests. Will post my thoughts when I have heard it.
    Anyone heard or may be already own it?
  2. dmbr
    Would be curious to see how it measures up to the iFi Mercury and Gemini cables.

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  3. dudlew
    Oooh boy, at those prices...... I consider this one of the big boys.... USD$380 for basically 32 inches of USB cable? I know there are more expensive, but its still pricey.
  4. Dalgas
    I agree! It is pricey and I would never have bought it were it not for the 30 day money back guarantee. Rob will even pay for shipping back.
    In my system a labtop is the only source for music and a good USB connection is key for me.
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  5. soundlogic
    Just wondering what the outcome of your 30 day trial has been so far. I too just ordered the Curious cable along with the short Regen cable. I have the Light Harmonic Lightspeed 10g currently. It was a game changer, but it seems the unanimous favorable reviews towards the Curious could uproot the Lightspeed. I should get mine in the next few weeks.
  6. Dalgas
    It got held up in costums and in the meantime I found out that the USB-interface in my DAC (Schiit Gungnir with USB gen. 2) was too bad to justifi buying such an expensive cable. I heard my dac with a Stello U3 USB-SPDIF converter and the Stello absolutely killed the USB gen 2 interface in my dac. The Stello U3 cost around the same as the Curious cable.....
    So I refused to pay costums-fee and the cable was returned to Rob Woodland - who kindly returned my Money.
    Now I am looking for a Stello U3.
  7. crazychile
    I wouldn't mind keeping this thread going if there are others that have tried Curious Cables. I couldn't find another thread on Head-fi for these, although there has been a few mentions in the Regen thread about their Regen Link. I'm considering this Regen Link for starters.
  8. Cornan
    I would check out the Elijah Audio Konvertible Lite 160mm as well. It is an amazing Regen link with crystal clear resolution, vastly improved 3D, awesome bass performance and almost chockingly real presence. In short the best that I have ever heard and the only one that I know about that works unplugging the 5v lead with DACs that needs a handshake. K-Lite w/o 5v lead simply cannot compare to Curious. I own one and are waiting for my 500 mm version w/o 5v lead before the USB Regen as well. Cannot wait! :)
  9. BernieK
    Hi Cornan,
    Have you compared the Curious and Elijah Audio Konvertible Lite cables? If so, please post your results as I'm quite interested in how these two compare SQ-wise.
    In the UpTone Audio USB REGEN thread in this forum, Michael P (Elijah Audio) related that he is arranging for a customer to compare the two cables (post #759). Hopefully we'll see the results soon.
  10. Cornan

    Hi Bernie!

    No, I have'nt compared the Konvertible Lite with Curious cable myself. I know Elijah Audio have a couple of costumers with both Curious cable and Lightspeed G10 who will report back with their findings pretty soon. The K-Lite is an awesome cable IMHO so I am also very eager to hear from Michael! :)

  11. canali

    Any updates ...?
  12. Cornan
    *LOL* Placebo or BS is as usual in the ears of the beholder....but definitely not to my ears! :wink:
    It is still early days and the comparison is still not done properly yet. Here is however the initial impressions between the Curious cable and Elijah Audio Konvertible Lite posted by Michael on the USB Regen thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/762967/uptone-audio-usb-regen/795#post_12346099:
  13. motberg
    I tried the Regen link Curious Cable, but after 60 hours break in, it was still too detailed and maybe I noticed some holes (front-to-back) in the sound stage. In my system the PPA Regen cable works better ( I think it is shorter also).
    Rob from Curious is a great guy to work with... no questions asked for the refund.. I can recommend that if you are in the market for this type of cable, it would be good to audition Curious..
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  14. HedgeHog
    Just added a 1.5M Curious USB cable (replacing the Schiit PYST) to complete the loom (have the Curious Regen LINK and Uptone Regen Amber).  Initial listening:  Not a huge difference yet but it sounds a bit more "polished".  Not lush or sparkly but tones seems smoother and rounder without getting too warm.  I guess some people say less etched?  Soundstage is easier to define or hear.  I'll let this break in some more as the Regen LINK sounded absolutely horrible when I first got it.  Then after a week, it has become very, very good.
  15. paulchiu
    Ordered half a dozen Curious cables of various lengths a few weeks ago.  Would love to join in this conversation but the package has been stuck in JFK customs here in New York city.  Contacts with them have not been returned.
    How long have any of you waited for yours?
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