.Cue Split Cut Off End of Songs
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Sep 15, 2015
So I had some large .FLAC files, which came with a provided .cue, however I am noticing that every song of each album that I split seems to have the end of the song (maybe the last 20-40 seconds?) just completely cut off. Trying to figure out if the issue is due to the .cue files being wrong, or if it is a result of the splitter I used (bigsoft audio converter 5) 
The albums sound wonderful up until the end of each trick, and then they abruptly cut off into the next song.
Does anyone have any experience with this sort of issue?
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Alright just figured I do a follow up.
As it turns out after cracking open the .cue files upon getting found,  I saw that they were properly divided up. So the issue lied in the cue splitter I used. I also learned that the FiiO 5x can (unless it's something else) use cue files to split a FLAC into smaller tracks which are read as .WAV 
The more you know I guess. But it comes with getting into new hobbies, so I think it's a positive.

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