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Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin to 1 Million USD)

  1. protoss
    Hows it going,

    Notice there isn't a dedicated post to the phenomenon of the Crypto scene on here. Perfect time to make one here and now! Just wanted to spur my projection of the future of crypto here and the mad genius prophecy that will come true.

    Current date: January 2018

    Future speculation is this; (Very bullish here :beerchug: )

    Bitcoin at the end of 2018 3K
    Bitcoin' dumps in January 2019 and Summer and bounce to $10K
    Bitcoin' dumps in 2020 January and Autumn and bounce to $50K
    Bitcoin' dumps in 2021 January and Autumn and another mysterious crash and bounce to 80K
    Bitcoin' by 2025 or earlier will hit 250K
    Bitcoin' 2050 over a million dollar a coin

    0.000001 = $1.00usd dollar eventually

    If you are wondering what the hell is a Bitcoin? Well I will example in the most simplistic way possible !

    -Bitcoin is the "Internet of Cash" !
    -Bitcoin is Math
    -Digital Currency

    A virtual currency that you exchange by a peer to peer trade. A decentralization of money. Through mathematical algorithms. Bitcoin was created in 2008 by the "Unknown figure" Satoshi Nakamoto.

    Bitcoin has a Max supply of 21 million. It will last until the year 2140. And will continue to last forever until the earth disappear as a fraction of a BIT.

    Basically Bitcoin has a supply of 21 million but can be divided into the lowest units call Satoshi. There are 100 million units in 1 Bitcoin.

    If we do the math it is 100,000,000 x 21, 000,000 = 21 Quadrillion Bitcoins overall !!

    Bitcoin will last forever and will be the most expensive and dangerous currency to own! Right now Banks are buying millions of Bitcoins as I write this down.

    They are giving false information on T.V and news outlets about the bubble and fall of bitcoin while secretly harvesting, mining and obtaining millions of bitcoins to themselves !

    Fun Facts:

    - 4-5 a.m. to 11 a.m Bitcoin sometimes decline mysteriously ?
    - Satoshi Nakamoto to this date has not been unidentified. He took 1 million Bitcoin to himself.
    - Bitcoin is a code that is Open Source
    - About 4 million bitcoins are lost or destroy
    - Bitcoin can not be duplicate (1 authentic version of a bitcoin), or remade. If 1 coin is lost or deleted or forgotten. That coin is gone forever
    - Bitcoin is a software built on mathematical code
    - All Alt-coins such as, litecoins are all base on the fundamental principle of bitcoin
    - every 10mins 1 new Bitcoin is created unitl it hits its Max Supply of 21 Million.
    - There is no value to a bitcoin ! Human beings but a price tag on it through demand and supply !
    - Bitcoin is transparent and anyone can see who made what transaction but hard to track

    And last fact:

    Satoshi Nakamoto wrote the paper on Bitcoin, wrote the code on Bitcoin and made the software on bitcoin and did the first few transaction with other enthusiasts at the time and eventually disappear with 1 million coins and left the blueprints of bitcoin to other enthusiast to finish and polish the code to modern standard.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  2. wink
    So, where's my million bitcoins for reading this diatribe...?
  3. protoss
    was i forcing you to buy it? I hope i wasn't but giving a projection of what most likely will happen. And is happening in front of our eyes.
    I am somewhat ranting on this future currency that will most likely be replacing traditional money. I notice people who question bitcoin has no idea about what a Blockchain is? what is a smart contract and what is a ledger etch etch.


    Last edited: Jan 21, 2018
  4. protoss
    LOL totally forgot about this!
    Prices will definitely will be off

    But I still hold it to be true of a 100k to 1 million dollar Bitcoin :)

    Edited the post greatly to reflect the current situation
  5. alexsandro22
    would you mind to change holding BTC to some kind of other crypro?
  6. protoss

    No. Nothing is better than the original. Which is Bitcoin (BTC).

    Bitcoin created blockchain. Everyother Cryptocurrency implemented blockchain tech into their cryptos.
    alexsandro22 likes this.
  7. starence
    From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like Bitcoin only exists to be traded back and forth. Every so often there’s a big push to hype up crypto and make noobs believe they can get rich quick, so that savvy traders can sell to them at inflated prices, soon the value plummets because everyone is selling and the noobs take a bath. Rinse, repeat.
    PointyFox likes this.
  8. protoss

    From an insider. Bitcoin was created in 2009 to take down government and the central banks! It started off as ant-shares 0.001 cent and climbed to 1 dollar in a few years.

    Bitcoin solved double spending enigma
    Bitcoin created blockchain tech that, wallmart, hospitals, BMW, IBM, A.I and future agencys and corporate companies will implement and transform.
    Bitcoin shooked gold and paper money with the internet of money
    Bitcoin will be mined until the year 2140. That date is when the count down ends for the last mine btc gets issued out.

    Theres over 100 things I can list...

    Btw... you like terminator? The creation of skynet will sadly be be because of bitcoin and blockchain of the future. Blockchain is at 3.0 now.

    Just wait and see....

    You missing the whole point. All you thinking as an outsider is MONEY!
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2019
  9. alexsandro22
    Yeah I know that. But futher technologies are getting smarter and smarter and I used to invest into different kinds of crypros. For example one of the last investment funds I've investet into was https://cipher.tech/. Ofcourse btc is the first choice but there are some other really good options
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2019
  10. rayshow
    Cryptocurrency is challenging and risky nowadays. The investment that you should make is suitable to your skills and knowledge. You should have plan before making investment because if you will just invest your money in the cryptocurrency market, there is high possibility that you will lose your capital. It is really now hard to survive in the market because of the risks that we are facing. So read a lot. This resouce will be helpful: cryptolinks
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  11. PointyFox
    Problems with Bitcoin include it being extremely damaging to the environment with the ever increasing power consumption requirement to "mine" as well as the ever-increasing storage requirements for the blockchain which will continue to increase in size. There are also problems with transactions being slow, risks of hacking, government oversight, and the entire system failing due to messed up "forking".

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