crinacle's IEM Ranking List (170 Entries) [11/05 UPDATE]

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  1. dSmurf
    Thanks for giving me some info about it but,
    When others listen to my gears they tend to complain how low the volume is, they increase the volume straight away and asked by one of my friend how can I hear the dynamics of the song while listening at a low volume?

    Somehow this only started when I bought my new primacy, its weird but my ears got sensitive, I dont like loud noise or listening more than 50 percent, I dont like cars raging their car engine or motorcycle engine.

    But its odd that I hear this high pitched ring in my ears especially when I am at a quiet environment or sleeping with my ear plugs in.

    I dont know if I change the cable will it smooth out the overall performace? If thats the case I will immediately buy a cable just for me to smooth things out.

    Thats why at present, I am in search and quest of having the smoothest iem there is especially a reference of a flat one that is close to reality.

    Also outside with the regular traffic noise, I completely cant hear the rining in my ears.

    Again its weird, there is a ringing thing in my ears high pitched but im also sensitive to loud noise, very contradicting isnt it? Hehe. Atm my new primacy is in the market waiting for a buyer to dismiss it in my inventory hehehe.

  2. castleofargh Contributor
    ok so it seems you're in fact very similar to me in that respect. tinnitus can have many causes so I wouldn't want to play sorcerer and tell you what does what, but among other things, sometimes fatigue seems to directly correlate to how loud tinnitus feels. someone once mentioned that to him it was having the physical object inside the ear canal that triggered something(pressure, blood vessels, physical pain creating body tension which itself brings up ringing??? IDK). and he just moved on from IEMs to headphones apparently for the best. personally some signatures clearly seem to trigger it faster than others, but general fatigue, not enough sleep, lack of physical exercise, a tense neck/shoulder, being sick... my tinnitus seems to react to so many things that it has pretty much become my personal trainer. anytime I get it and the next morning it's not gone or vastly attenuated, I conclude that it's time to pull my finger out of my *** and take care of myself ^_^. so far I'm lucky and it does the trick, but I know many people who aren't so lucky and perceive it all day long. turning on a radio as soon as they're in a room just to take their mind off of it. not cool.

    ok enough of that, sorry everybody, I'm super fun at parties.
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  3. SilverEars
    Yes, take care of your health guys, eat right and excercise. Don't listen at loud volumes. Try to reduce it. Take care of your ears, it's the most crucial to thiis hobby.

    Another thing that can effect is TMJ, teeth grinder or clincher.
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  4. dSmurf
    Yup thats the best way to do it..
    TMJ yes I do have it, but I am just going to get used to this ringing high pitched of my hehe.

    But my quest for finding the smoothest sounding iem is still on probably until December.

    Thanks guys!
  5. dSmurf
    Hi again!

    I liked the prophile 8 both switch are down.

    Whats the difference of the ue 18 pro plus vs the pp8?

    Are there other recommendation aside to pp8?

  6. dongster
    this is what i have read, ive only heard ue18+

    pp8 is said to be cooler, brighter, and less treble extension
  7. dSmurf
    Hmm so ue 18 pro plus is flatter? Even the the 2 switches are down?

    Im still searching for a reference iem but with a little sub bass though I liked the pp8.

    I also liked qdc 4ss. 8ss and the their flagship gemini. I didnt expect I would fall to a reference type sound sig as before I like rnb and soul rnb now I like more of a mellow acoustic and classical tracks, hmm maybe signs of aging.. Hehe
  8. dongster
    putting what flat really means aside,

    from what i understand,
    pp8 is flatter, the company themselfs claim to have tuned it according to Harman Target, and some measurements do reflect that, not sure how accurately measured
    some still say its bright/cool
    its hard to say about flat, by definition, if its flat, its neither bright nor warm
    i had a chance to demo a pp8, but was lazy, plus i wanted ciem anyways

    ue18+ is said to have a dip in the lower treble,
    it is widely described to be warm neutral

    and from waht i hear from people the difference in treble extension is not just "a tad"
  9. dSmurf
    I see.. Thanks for your insights,it helps really but I will be trying these in japan myself but im just a bit excited hehe.

    By any chance do yo know any iem that is smooth? Like smooottthh?

    After listening to it after an hour my ear hurts or maybe because of the tips, but your help is appreciated.
  10. dongster
    i actually just ordered the ue18+,
    i was considering between this and VE8, but chose 18+ because of price difference, but also 18+ its super smooth/non fatiguing.

    but if ur down for this price range, might as well get SE5U, super smooth from what i read, similar price if ur in europe
  11. dSmurf
    But thats ciem right? I like the thought of other be able to listen to my gears but for ciem my only pick is the warbler prelude.

    For universal so far I like the pp8 and gemini. Havent heard of the others but I will check them in Japan once I get there.

    Thats what Im thinking, for acoustics when singers will be hitting the high notes, I dont want them to be peircing, harsh or sibilant, I just want them to be easy like listening to a person in front if you but not to a point that they are shouting at you something like that.

    I will immeduately try the ue 18 pro plus when I get there, as I also consider the price value of an iem.
  12. headwhacker
    UE18+ is warmer than PP8 even with PP8 bass boost switch on. I like PP8 treble it’s smoother and doesn’t have narrow peaks or dips. I think is a true flat/reference signature. You can hear everything without sounding too forward or laid-back.
  13. snip3r77
    I would love to jump direct to Tier A- once we have more reviews of the MD Plus
  14. dSmurf
    Hi! Thanks for your help! I might just get the ue 18 pro + based on your statement :)
  15. buonassi
    correct. I lost 5db in my right ear over the past 6 months due to TMJ. Supposedly reversible once the clenching is under control, so fingers crossed. I have to heavily pan my source to the right to get a center image in my head for now.
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