crinacle's IEM Ranking List (170 Entries) [11/05 UPDATE]

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  1. crinacle
    InEar Prophile-8.
  2. dSmurf
    Awesome! Thanks! Close to reality I guess.. reference tuning as well thanks!
  3. snip3r77
    May I know if the AXH is bass light? I’m awaiting their 11.11 promo if any
  4. Stuff Jones
    You know what would be helpful- not that you haven't given the site enough of your time already? Specifying your sonic preferences and then picking your favorite IEM from each tier.
  5. ranfan
    I have a Warbler Prelude ($1100) which is far from being harsh in the treble region. Super-smooth in presentation. It has a relatively neutral mids, with slight tendency to the warm side. Midrange is also a bit more forward, and soundstage intimate with great separation ability. Another IEM that I can recommend is the Empire Ears Spartan ($900) which is very balanced, and a good all-rounder. Neutral, with good bass, and treble. It has a big soundstage, especially with ADEL. Competes well with higher-end/more expensive IEMs.
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  6. dSmurf

    Thanks for your help, but the spartan is quite cool for my taste.

    Im looking into universals not ciem ehehe
  7. headwhacker
    It has a treble boost as well.

    Most Empire in-ears have a universal counterparts.
  8. ranfan
    You can opt for a universal model when buying. It's even cheaper than customs! :)
  9. Blueshound24
    Just curious. How loud are you listening? I suffer from tinnitus which is not just from loud music but also power tools, hunting, loud cars and trucks, etc. Tinnitus cannot be reversed so please consider checking to see how loud your environment is including your music listening. Your ears ringing could be the beginning of this crappy malady that I suffer from.
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  10. dSmurf
    Music listening is always at 40 to 50 pecent, and my genre would always be acoustics,ballad, soft music, relaxing instrumentals and acapella.

    I work at a call centre and my headset level is set to 60 to 70 percent.

    Only the new primacy made my ears like this.
  11. crinacle
    That's not a bad idea. I'll just tag this onto the first post later on, when I'm not feeling like a lazy sack of potatoes.

    Preferences: Slightly thicker (repeat: slightly) tonality, treble in line with midrange and enhanced sub-bass. I like my vocals smoothed and my strings heavy. I personally focus on bass quality (rumble factor, roundedness) and vocal timbre. (Note: favourites may not follow this exactly to specification.)

    Tier S Favourite: 64 Audio Tia Fourte
    Tier A Favourite: A&K T8iE MK2
    Tier B Favourite: FLC8S
    Tier C Favourite: Zero Audio Carbo Tenore
    Tier D Favourite: Rhapsodio Clipper
    Tier E "Favourite": Audiofly AF160
    Tier F "Favourite": AAW Q
  12. SilverEars
    Based on your preference, there's a very good chance that SE5U will meet your sig spec. Bass is like how you describe, and nothing like any other iems in such regard. Its strength is definitely how the bass is presented.

    My preference is for some warmth to the body of the sound, and do not appreciate thin, and how neutral is defined by others that maybe to thin sounding for my taste(sounds naked or bare without tonal depth in instances, and tonal definition or depth is what I consider an important factor of quality output, akin to visual dynamic range), but I do like even response from mids to the highs. I considered that type of sig balanced. I come to appreciate sub-bass more and more.

    Recessed or congested mids is my biggest petpeeves. I regard clarity and resolvability in highest regard. I'd like a happy medium of balanced treble, not too high or dark ideally.
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  13. Ahmad313
    Your taste is close to what i like ,
  14. Thearcade12

    Considering that zero audio carbo tenore is available for just $40 don't you think it's makes the tier d, e and f redundant?
  15. castleofargh Contributor
    just in case this is not obvious, but the output setting of a gear doesn't tell anything. each IEM has it's own sensitivity and what is reasonable on one can be too loud for another. if you have not reliable mean to test levels, the safest route is to just have people try to listen to something at the levels you usually apply and ask them if they think it's loud. not very scientific, but it can be more revealing than just relying on our own habits. I'm on the other hand of the spectrum, everybody complains that I'm always setting things to low(I basically can't watch TV with other people for long, it drives me mad how loud they tend to set the volume level). this told me that I was the oddball, and also to try listening to IEM louder before telling people about the signature. sorry for the boring anecdote, just to say that getting a general idea about our listening habits can be good. for you it's even more important if it involves hearing loss and tinnitus. I've been having a small one for years, it's always there but the real world is so loud that ambient noises usually cover it 99% of my day. and indeed some IEMs seem to "energies" it more than others. I rapidly get rid of such IEMs. ^_^
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