crinacle's IEM FR measurement database [20/06 update]

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  1. crinacle
    Refer to this post for more information.

    1. A Frequency Response graph is not in any way an indication of good sound quality. Think of it as flavours, like in ice-cream. The FR is like the branding at the side of the tub telling you the flavour of the ice cream. It's not going to tell you if it's good ice cream, but at least you have a way of finding out if it's the flavour you want.

    2. Measurements in this database are raw and based on the IEC60318-4 standard. If you are going to compare my measurements with others, at least make sure that both equipment are standardised.

    3. Measurements are meant to complement subjective impressions, not form the basis for them. I get that certain people like to paint me as some sort of objectivehead figure where all I do is look at graphs and determine quality sorely off of said metrics. 99% of the IEMs I've measured, I have listened to as well. If not for the graphs, one can also take this database as a list of IEMs I've tried and auditioned, and the graphs simply being proof of it.

    4. Unit variation is a thing. I do not control what demo units the companies provide to me or to their distributors (where I usually do measurements). If you find issues with my measurements, it can be any of the following:​
    a) Inconsistent manufacturing
    b) Broken/malfunctioning units (in a way that is not immediately obvious)
    c) Horrible channel matching
    d) Measurement error (yes, I am human, I make mistakes sometimes)
    5. Expect a resonant peak. This peak exists around 7-10k and is affected by insert depth. If you are not sure what I'm talking about, don't try to be smart. Ignore frequencies above 7k until you do.

    6. Insert depth for measurements is NOT constant. I attempt to have all measurements performed with a 8000Hz resonance. However, due to the nature of certain IEMs, I may have to use deep inserts to emulate how the IEM should be used (i.e. ER4), or in other cases simply having to work with a shallower fit due to shell constraints (i.e. FitEar demos). As such, the final insert depth/resonance point of each measurement is essentially arbitrary and up to my own discretion.

    7. I am aware of the jaggedness of the bass frequencies. This is due to the low resolution of the error correction calibration of the application used. I cannot control it, I cannot fix it, so unfortunately you'll have to live with it.

    Setup: iPhone dongle (rated at 0.1ohm output impedance) -> TRRS splitter -> high efficiency capsule microphone -> IEC60318-4 compliant inner ear simulator, "AudioTools" app on iOS

    With this portable measuring rig, I was able to run around the country to take measurements off demo units. Will be updating this post and the imgur album as I get more and more opportunities to do so in the near future.

    Measurements are done on theFFT function of the AudioTools app with the following settings and procedures:
    1. Periodic Pink Noise running on the music app in the background
    2. Microphone on "High Range" setting
    3. 32768 FFT points
    4. dB scale: 30dB to 85dB
    5. Right channel at 94dB +/-1.0dB
    6. Left channel maintained at the same volume as right channel
    *Note: All IEMs are measured with wide-bore silicone tips unless otherwise stated.

    Consolidated imgur album
    All raw .txt data

    ModelUnit ownership/locationDate measured
    1More Triple DriverJaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    1More Quad DriverJaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    64 Audio A4tMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    64 Audio A6tMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    Music Sanctuary demo unit10/06/18
    64 Audio A12tMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    64 Audio Tia TrioMusic Sanctuary demo unit10/06/18
    64 Audio Tia FourteMusic Sanctuary demo unit10/06/18
    A&K T8iE Mk1Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    AAW AXHJaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    AAW W500Jaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    AAW W900Personal23/04/18
    Acoustune HS1001Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Acoustune HS1003Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Acoustune HS1004
    Sample 2
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit
    Third party
    Acoustune HS1501Zeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Acoustune HS1503Zeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Acoustune HS1551Zeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Advanced Evo XZeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Advanced M3Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Advanced M4Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Advanced M51DZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Advanced M55DZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Advanced S2000Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit15/06/18
    Alpha & Delta D6Review unit23/04/18
    ARC PolluxMusic Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Audio Genetic AG2Zeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Beyerdynamic XelentoJaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    Brainwavz B400Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Campfire AndromedaZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Campfire AtlasZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Campfire CometZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Campfire DoradoZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Campfire Orion (misnamed in graph)Zeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Campfire PolarisZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Campfire VegaZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    CTM CT-200Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    CTM CT-300PMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    CTM CT500-E
    Sample 2
    Jaben Singapore demo unit
    Music Sanctuary demo unit
    CTM CT-6E
    Sample 2
    Jaben Singapore demo unit
    Music Sanctuary demo unit
    Custom Art Ei.3Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Custom Art Pro330v2Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Custom Art FIBAE 1Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Custom Art FIBAE 2Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Custom Art FIBAE 3Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Custom Art FIBAE MEMusic Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Custom Art Harmony 8.2Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Daiso $2 earphonesThird party12/06/18
    Delta Air complimentary earphonesThird party10/06/18
    Dita DreamZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Dita FealtyZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Dita FidelityZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Dunu DN-2002LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    Earsonics EM32Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Earsonics EM4Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Earsonics EM6Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Earsonics EM10Zeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Earsonics ES2Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Earsonics ES3Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Earsonics ES5Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Earsonics S-EM9Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Empire Ears EVRZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Empire Ears ESRZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Empire Ears Phantom
    Sample 2
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit
    Euphoria Audio demo unit
    Empire Ears BravadoZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Empire Ears VantageZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Empire Ears NemesisZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Empire Ears Legend XZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Eternal Melody EM-2Third party17/06/18
    Etymotic ER4SRZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Etymotic ER4XRZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Fake SE846Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Fidue A91 "Sirius"LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    Final Audio E4000Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Final Audio E5000Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Final Audio F4100Zeppelin & Co demo unit20/06/18
    Final Audio F7200Zeppelin & Co demo unit20/06/18
    FitEar AyaJaben Singapore demo unit18/06/18
    FitEar FitearJaben Singapore demo unit18/06/18
    FitEar Monet 17Jaben Singapore demo unit18/06/18
    FitEar Parterre
    Sample 2
    Jaben Singapore demo unit
    Jaben Melbourne demo unit
    FitEar F111Jaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    FitEar Private 222Jaben Singapore demo unit18/06/18
    FitEar 223Jaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    FitEar Private 333Jaben Singapore demo unit18/06/18
    FitEar MH334
    Custom sample
    Jaben Melbourne demo unit
    Third party
    FitEar TG334Jaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    FitEar MH335DWJaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    Hifiman RE400Personal24/04/18
    Hyla CE-5Loaned from @ryanjsoo23/04/18
    Hyla Nerva XZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    iBasso IT01Loaned from @ryanjsoo24/04/18
    iBasso IT04Zeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    InEar StageDiver SD2Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    InEar StageDiver SD3Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    InEar StageDiver SD4Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    InEar StageDiver SD5Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Jaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Euphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Jomo HakaEuphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Jomo JazzEuphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Euphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Jomo SalsaEuphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Jomo SambaEuphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Jomo TangoEuphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Justear Club Sound (custom)Third party10/06/18
    Kinera BD005Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Third party17/06/18
    KZ ED16 (misnamed on graph)Third party12/06/18
    KZ ES4Third party12/06/18
    KZ S4Third party12/06/18
    KZ ZS10Third party12/06/18
    KZ ZS3Third party12/06/18
    KZ ZS5v1Third party12/06/18
    KZ ZS5v2Third party12/06/18
    KZ ZSRThird party10/06/18
    Lime Ears LE2Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Third party12/06/18
    Massdrop x NuForce EDC3Review unit15/06/18
    NCM BellaReview loaner23/04/18
    Ocharaku Flat-4 AkakeyakiThird party17/06/18
    Ocharaku Flat-4 AkazakuraThird party15/06/18
    Ocharaku Flat-4 Kaede Type 1Third party17/06/18
    Ocharaku Flat-4 Kaede Type 2Third party17/06/18
    Ocharaku Flat-4 Ti PlusThird party17/06/18
    Oriolus ForsteniZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Oriolus Mk2Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Periodic TiReview unit24/04/18
    Phonak PFE232Third party10/06/18
    qdc NeptuneMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    qdc 3SHMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    qdc 4SSMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    qdc 5SHMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    qdc 8SHMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    qdc 8SSMusic Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    Music Sanctuary demo unit15/06/18
    Rhapsodio ClipperZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Rose Mini2Loaned from @ryanjsoo23/04/18
    Rose BR5 Mk2Loaned from @ryanjsoo23/04/18
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Sennheiser IE800Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Sennheiser IE800SJaben Melbourne demo unit26/04/18
    Shozy HibikiZeppelin & Co demo unit10/06/18
    Shure SE215Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Shure SE215LTDZeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Shure SE315Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Shure SE425Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Shure SE535Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Shure SE846 (Black filter)
    Zeppelin & Co demo unit
    Jaben Melbourne demo unit
    Shure KSE1200Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Simgot EN700LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    Singapore Airlines complimentary earphonesPersonal10/06/18
    Sony EX1000Third party15/06/18
    Stax SR-002Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Taobao 3 driver (mislabeled on graph)Third party12/06/18
    Taobao 6 driverThird party12/06/18
    TFZ 1SLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ 2SLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ 4SLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ 5SLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ Balance 2MLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ Exclusive 1LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ Exclusive 3LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ Exclusive 5LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ King ProLoaned from @ryanjsoo23/04/18
    TFZ Mylove 2LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ Tequila 1LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    TFZ Ti GalaxyLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10Personal24/04/18
    Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors UERM (custom)Third party12/06/18
    Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered UERRMusic Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Ultimate Ears UE5Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Ultimate Ears UE6Music Sanctuary demo unit10/06/18
    Ultimate Ears UE7Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Ultimate Ears UE11Music Sanctuary demo unit20/06/18
    Ultimate Ears UE18+
    Custom sample
    Music Sanctuary demo unit
    Third party
    Ultimate Ears LiveMusic Sanctuary demo unit10/06/18
    Vision Ears VE5Euphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Euphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    Vision Ears VE8Euphoria Audio demo unit10/06/18
    VSonic AresLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    VSonic GR07 Bass EditionLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    VSonic GR07 Classic EditionLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    VSonic GR07 Mk2LMUE demo unit18/06/18
    VSonic VSD1SLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    VSonic VSD2SLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    VSonic VSD3SLMUE demo unit18/06/18
    Warbler Prelude (custom)Third party10/06/18
    Westone UM Pro 10Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone UM Pro 20Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone UM Pro 30Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone UM Pro 50Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone W10Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone W20Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone W30Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone W40Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone W50Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Westone W60Zeppelin & Co demo unit19/06/18
    Whizzer A15Zeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Whizzer A15 ProZeppelin & Co demo unit12/06/18
    Zero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CTPersonal24/04/18

    Legacy measurements (Dayton IMM6 + tubing coupler)

    Those in red have been graciously provided by @nmatheis.
    Those in green have been graciously provided by @malvinviriya.

    In alphabetical order:

    1More E1001 "Triple Driver"
    1More Quad Driver
    64 Audio A2
    64 Audio A3
    64 Audio A4
    64 Audio U4-SE
    64 Audio A5
    64 Audio A6
    64 Audio A8
    64 Audio A10
    64 Audio U18Tzar
    64 Audio Tia Fourte
    A&K T8iE Mk2
    AAW A1D
    AAW A2H-Pro
    AAW A2H-Pro V2
    AAW A3H-Pro (custom)
    AAW A3H-Pro V2
    AAW M40
    AAW Nebula One
    AAW Nebula Two
    AAW Q
    AAW W100
    AAW W300
    AAW W350
    Acoustune HS1501
    Acoustune HS1551
    ACS Encore
    ACS Evoke
    ACS Evolve
    Advanced M3 (wired)
    Advanced M4
    Advanced Evo X
    A-Jays 3
    Alpha & Delta AD01
    Alpha & Delta D2
    Audeze iSine 10
    Audeze iSine 20
    Audeze LCDi4
    Audio Technica ATH-CK90Pro
    Audio Technica ATH-CKB50
    Audio Technica ATH-CKM99
    Audio Technica ATH-CKR10
    Audio Technica ATH-CKR70
    Audio Technica ATH-CKR100
    Audio Technica ATH-CKS1100iS
    Audio Technica ATH-E40
    Audio Technica ATH-E50
    Audio Technica ATH-E70
    Audio Technica ATH-IM01
    Audio Technica ATH-IM02
    Audio Technica ATH-IM70
    Audio Technica ATH-LS200
    Audio Technica ATH-LS300
    Audio Technica ATH-LS400
    Audio Technica ATH-LS50
    Audio Technica ATH-LS70
    Audiofly AF160
    Avara AV1
    Avara AV2
    Avara AV3

    Beyerdynamic Xelento
    Bragi Dash
    Brainwavz B100
    Brainwavz B200
    Brainwavz M100

    Campfire Andromeda
    Campfire Dorado
    Campfire Jupiter
    Campfire Lyra II
    Campfire Nova
    Campfire Orion
    Campfire Polaris (Alternative)
    Campfire Vega
    Canal Works CW-L33BB
    Canal Works CW-L05QD2
    Cardas A8
    Cardas EM5813
    Clear Tune Monitors CT-100
    Clear Tune Monitors CT-200
    Clear Tune Monitors CT-300 Pro
    Clear Tune Monitors CT-400P
    Clear Tune Monitors CT-500E
    Clear Tune Monitors CT6-E
    Cosmic Ears CE6P
    Custom Art Ei.3
    Custom Art Ei.XX (Alternative)
    Custom Art Music One
    Custom Art Music Two
    Custom Art Pro330v2
    Dita Audio "The Answer"
    Dita Audio "The Truth"
    Dita Audio "The Truth" Gold
    Dita Audio Brass
    Dita Audio Dream
    Dunu DK-3001
    Earsonics SM3
    Earsonics SM64v2
    Earsonics S-EM6
    EarWerkz Supra (custom)
    Empire Ears Arthur
    Empire Ears Merlin
    Eternal Melody EM-2
    Eternal Melody EM-5
    Eternal Melody EM-5H
    Etymotic ER4PT
    Etymotic ER4XR
    Fender DXA1
    Fender FXA2
    Fender FXA5
    Fender FXA6
    Fender FXA7
    Fidue A91 "Sirius"
    FiiO F3
    FiiO F9 (Alternative)
    Final Audio Adagio III
    Final Audio Design E2000
    Final Audio Design E3000
    Final Audio Design F7200
    Final Audio Design FI-BA-SS
    Final Audio Design Heaven II
    Final Audio Design Heaven IV
    Final Audio Design Heaven VI
    Final Audio Design Heaven VII
    Final Audio Design Heaven VIII
    Final Audio Design LAB I
    Final Audio Design LAB II
    FitEar Aya
    FitEar F111
    FitEar Fitear
    FitEar Melomane
    FitEar MH335
    FitEar MH335SR
    FitEar Monet 17
    FitEar Parterre
    FitEar Private 222
    FitEar Private 223
    FitEar Private 333
    FitEar To Go! 334 (TG334)
    FLC Technology FLC8S (default filters)
    Focal Sphear
    Fostex TE-02WP
    Fostex TE100
    Grado GR10e
    Heygears Anora
    Hidition NTRM
    Hidition NT6
    Hidition NT6 Pro
    Hidition Viento-Reference (default)
    Hifiman RE1000
    iBasso IT03 (Alternative)
    Ice Lab EX02
    Ice Lab EX03
    Ice Lab EX05
    Ice Lab EX06
    InEar Stagediver 2 SD-2
    InEar Stagediver 3 SD-3
    InEar Stagediver 4 SD-4
    InEarz Nirvana
    Intime Sora
    JH Audio JH3X
    JH Audio JH10X
    JH Audio JH11
    JH x A&K Michelle
    Jomo Audio Jomo2
    Jomo Audio Jomo3
    Jomo Audio Jomo4v2
    Jomo Audio Jomo5v2
    Jomo Audio Jomo6v2
    Jomo Audio Jomo6R (Alternative)
    Jomo PLB
    JVC HA-FW01
    JVC HA-FW02
    Kinera H3
    Klipsch R6i
    Kumitate KL-Lakh
    KZ ZS3
    KZ ZS5
    KZ ZST
    Lear LCM-4
    Lear LCM-5
    Lime Ears LE2
    Mass Kobo BCE-1B
    Massdrop Plus
    MEE Audio Pinnacle P1
    Noble Audio Django
    Noble Audio Dulce Bass
    Noble Audio K10
    Noble Audio K10 Encore
    Noble Audio Katana
    Noble Audio Savanna
    Noble Audio Savant
    Noble Audio Trident
    NocturnaL Gorham
    NocturnaL Atlantis
    Nuforce HEM4
    Nuforce HEM6
    Ocharaku Flat-4 KAEDE
    Ocharaku Flat-4 KAEDE Type II
    Ocharaku Flat-4 AKAZAKURA Plus
    Ocharaku Flat-4 AKAKEYAKI
    Ocharaku Flat-4 Ti Plus
    Ocharaku Flat 4 Nami
    Ocharaku Donguri-Keyaki
    Ocharaku Donguri Ti Plus
    Onkyo E900
    Oppo MH130
    Oriolus Forsteni
    Oriolus MK2
    Oriveti Basic
    Oriveti New Primacy
    Pai Audio MR2
    Pai Audio MR3
    Periodic Audio Mg
    Periodic Audio Ti
    Periodic Audio Be
    Philips SHE3595
    QDC 3SH
    QDC 5CH
    QDC 8SH
    Radius HP-HHR11R
    RHA T20i
    Rhapsodio Clipper
    Rhapsodio Earth
    Rhapsodio Galaxy V1
    Rhapsodio RTi1
    Rhapsodio Solar
    Rhines Stage 3
    Rhines Stage 4
    Rhines Stage 5
    Rhines Stage 7
    Sennheiser CX 3.00
    Sennheiser IE800
    Sensaphonics 2MAX
    Sensaphonics 2X-S
    Sensaphonics 3MAX
    Shure KSE1500
    Shure SE535
    Shure SE846
    Simgot EN700
    Sony MDR7550
    Sony XBA-300
    Sony XBA-A3
    Sony XBA-Z5
    Soranik Ion
    Soranik SK1
    Spider Realvoice
    Stax SR-002
    StereoPravda SB7
    Super Audio "Supermeme" 2BA+2DD
    TFZ 1S
    TFZ 3S
    TFZ 5S
    TFZ Balance 2M
    TFZ Exclusive 1
    TFZ Exclusive 3
    TFZ Exclusive 5
    TFZ King
    TTPod T2
    Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors (UERM)
    Ultimate Ears Reference Remastered (UERR)
    Ultimate Ears UE4 Pro
    Ultimate Ears UE5 Pro
    Ultimate Ears UE7 Pro
    Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro
    Ultimate Ears UE18 (original)
    Ultimate Ears UE18+ Pro
    Unique Melody Legacy
    Unique Melody MacBeth
    Unique Melody Maestro V2
    Unique Melody Martian
    Unique Melody Merlin V2
    Unique Melody Miracle V2 (Alternative)
    Valore BTS17
    Vision Ears VE8
    Vivo XE800
    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition
    VSonic GR07 Classic
    VSonic GR07X
    VSonic GR09
    VSonic VSD2
    Warbler Prelude
    Westone ES60
    Westone ES50
    Westone ES30
    Westone UM Pro10
    Westone UM Pro20
    Westone UM Pro30
    Westone UM Pro50
    Westone UM1
    Westone W10
    Westone W20
    Westone W30
    Westone W40
    Westone W50
    Westone W60
    Westone W80
    Xiaomi Hybrid
    Yamaha EPH-100
    Zero Audio Carbo Tenore ZH-DX200-CT
    Zero Audio Duoza ZH-DWX10

    Full imgur album
    @malvinviriya's full imgur album

    Special thanks to:
    Zeppelin & Co. headphones cafe
    Lend Me UR Ears
    Music Sanctuary
    Stereo Singapore
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  2. Aegruin
    They seem really accurate. Definitely, it's a very good work!
  3. nmatheis Contributor
    Great job, bro!

    Can you add in a reference IEM to the FR graphs in FFT Plot for comparison?

    EDIT: Your measurement rig looks eerily similar to mine :wink_face:


    I'm going to get that app and try measuring my IT03. One thing that would be helpful is if you could include which tips you used during measurement. Some IEM / tip combinations do adjust the frequency response enough to easily detect with IMM06 + Audio tools APP. I'm sure you could detect them with FFT Plot, as well.

    THIRD EDIT: How long have you had your IMM06?
  4. crinacle

    Unfortunately not. The FFT Plot app isn't really powerful can't do a lot of things. However, anyone's free to reference off my catalogue, though I recommend the ER4XR as the neutral benchmark.

    I suspect something's off on my IT03 as it's not detecting the 8-9K spike from the manufacturer's own measurements. If I remember correctly, it was on stock tips at a 12mm spacing.

    I had my IMM-06 for about two weeks now.
  5. nmatheis Contributor
    Cool beans, man!

    Perhaps we can chat via PM, synchronize our technique, and expand this thread to include more measurements. I've already measured lots of IEM and have them in my AudioTools database. Let me know what you think...
  6. nmatheis Contributor
    Just for fun, here's a comparison of our IT03 FR Curves using FFT Plot...


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  7. crinacle
    Yeah looks like my suspicions were confirmed. Maybe the unit I was using was faulty. Are you using pink noise or white noise?
  8. nmatheis Contributor
    Using Pink Noise with FFT Plot looks like this for IT03:


    That just doesn't look right to me. IT03 don't skimp on bass, but they're not bass monsters like that. Some serious correction would need to be applied, I fear...
  9. tarhana
    thanks for the enlightning post!

    can you compare oriolus and oriolus forsteni please? fr graph seems similar, can forsteni keep up?
  10. nmatheis Contributor

    crinacle posted links to FR Curves for the Oriolus IEM in the first post. Check them out!

    I wish FFT Plot allowed multiple FR Curves to be compared, normalized at 1kHz like AudioTools allows. That's really, really handy!!!

    I think I'm going to contact the developer for FFT Plot and see if they can incorporate that functionality...
  11. tarhana

    i already mentioned that i saw both graphs, asking for more detail? can forsteni keep up with micro details, soundstage etc.
  12. crinacle

    No your first graph was correct. White noise is most accurate on a non octave-smoothed software like FFT.

    At any as for now, disregard my IT03 measurements until I get another chance to measure. Plenty of demo units floating around the island...

    I thought the MK2 and Forsteni were more or less the same in terms of performance, honestly. In fact, I preferred the tonality of the Forsteni.

    The MK2 has a more energetic midrange while the Forsteni is more laid back while retaining airiness. Really loved it.
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  13. nmatheis Contributor

    I simply misunderstood what you were asking. Glad you asked the question,though. The Oriolus are two IEM I'm very interested in, as well!
  14. crinacle

    I wonder why our SPL levels are so different despite haven't similar overall values...
  15. nmatheis Contributor
    What kind of dB range are you getting? I'm usually measuring at ~90dB pink noise in AudioTools. 
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