Creative Zen vs. Washing Machine
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Feb 28, 2008
My washing machine won : (
I'll wait another day and see if by some miracle it will restore itself, but it looks doubtful.

Anyways, there are two things I wish to ask.

1. The zen is under warranty from both creative and best buy, I was thinking of going to best buy cause i don't have to pay shipping cost if they decide not to help me anyways. I can't just tell them "oh, I forgot it in the jacket when I did a load", so what could I do to try to convince them to give me some store credit so I can buy a new player (I hope you people like to lie

2. In either case, I will probably probably be buying a new mp3 player. The two I've narrowed it down to is the Sony NWZ-A729BLK, or the Cowon D2. Although I was leaning towards the Sony when reading the Sony thread, the Cowon has impressed me as well. 8gb with a expandable SD slot will probably give me more storage than the Sony and at only $200 (minus cost of SD card). I also like the battery life and file support. I currently listen to my mp3 player on either Grado SR-80's with a PA2V2 amp, or JVC marshmallows (kramer modded) if I don't wish to disturb others or if I want quietness.
Although I plan to upgrade my cans (probably get IEM) and amp eventually, What player would be better for my needs? I would be using the DAP mainly just for the music, so video is no concern to me, I just want to know how the sound quality compares between the two players and if amping my headphones would be required?

Thanks a lot, Head-fi!
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If you want to sold your washing machine I will buy...!!!!! Is it your washing machine has a line out.....Hopefully it will match with my headamp.....!!!
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From what I hear, the Grado's are a warm(er) pair of cans, and so if you like their sound signature, I suggest you go with the Sony. The D2, in my opinion, compared to the A8XX series, has much colder, analytical sound, which I myself did not find pleasant at all. On the other hand, I demoed the A808, and found it to be excellent, on the warmer side of things. So, assuming Sony has fitted their new lineup of flash based players with the same components as their previous players, and thus, the same sound signature, I believe you would be happier with the A729.

And, sorry to hear about your Zen. Make sure to see if it turns on when plugged into USB, it might be just the battery that has died.
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hahahahahah I guess it just takes a day to dry, cause it wouldn't even turn on when plugged in with the usb, but now it seems to be working fine. +1 to creative for tough products lol

But I was rather excited to buy a new mp3 player though.. : (
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If it wasn't working, you could always feint ignorance. "I don't know what happened. It just stopped working". If there is nothing physically wrong with it, they would probably honor the warranty.

I used to work retail electronics. This one worked A LOT for our return area. IMO you paid they cash, you should get a new unit.

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I don't know how the original poster made out but I have GOOD news to report.

Three days ago, I let my Creative ZEN 2GB and 8 GB SD card go through the washing machine and spin cycle.

I used a hair dryer gently on the ZEN on low heat but when the screen appeared to go white on the edges, I stopped that and just put it on my dresser to dry slowly.

Three days later, I plugged it into the USB to try and charged and it started charging normally.

The screen also has returned to normal.

Both the Creative Zen and the SDHDHC card seem to WORK fine

I am amazed and very pleased with the player, mainly because it has a better navigation system and other features that are superior IMO to my IPOD, an FM radio that works well and also takes SDHC cards which can on occasion be found very cheap.

NOW I love it because it appears to be indistructible. I have frozen it several times by leaving it overnight in the car during winter here in Canada and now have washed it and it still works.

Hopefully this rebirth of my mp3 player won't be short lived.

My congrats to Creative for making a great player.

Best wishes, Marm
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here is the thing, perhaps best buy might not care and just give you a new unit, or they will attempt to fix it, again not sure but mind you, my old nokia phone had a little sticker on the inside that when wet turns pink, indicating water damage.

I am unaware if this is present in audio players but if it is, then well they might check up on it, if there is nothing like that then you should be find.

I'd go with Nylan and plead ignorance, "it just died"
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Last month I put my cellphone through the washing machine. It dried out over the course of the week, gradually working more and more. At first it wouldn't respond at all. Then it just had the red charging light on constantly. Then it would turn on, but all the buttons did random things, because of water under the keypad. So I completely disassembled it and let it dry for a few more days. Now it works perfectly, except the microphone seems to be permanently destroyed. Luckily I have a bluetooth headset so I can still use it. Better than having to buy a new one.
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If the warranty at BB is "replacement", they should give you store credit. I've done this many times. The only downer here will be that they might give you a current value/ cost for a like product...meaning that if your player cost $100 two years ago and now a comparable player would cost $50, you get $50 store credit.

I've had a Sansa player go through the wash. It worked fine after a few days of drying time, the battery was shot though.
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My, it's been a long time since I made this thread haha.

From what I can remember, my Zen miraculously started to work again, but only for a week. After that, it wouldn't turn on unless it was plugged into the AC adapter (portable mp3 player that only plays when plugged in?)

Went back to the Best Buy where I got it (with original packaging!), and they refunded it, no questions asked in the form of store credit. I guess I got lucky on who I was dealing with (remember talking about universities and what not). Anyways, the great thing was though, was that they refunded me the price that the player was in their system currently, and I definitely don't remember paying as much as they returned to me. haha so I think they gave me more money for my Zen. They even refunded the warranty! I have a feeling I was extremely lucky.

What happened then? Well, I sold my store credit for actual cash, and bought myself the Cowon D2, and I've been happy with it ever since.
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my creative zen 8GB got into a fight with a monkey wrench in my backpack about a year ago while i was out bmxing.

the screen broke and now it's leaked all over the surface...

i'm not even sure what i want to do with it, i had a leather case for it and all. would it be worth replacing the screen? i couldn't get it replaced because it was accidental damage.

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