Creative zen 4gb => Sansa Clip 8gb
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Jun 10, 2006
Hi head-fi,
I currently have (as stated in the title) a creative zen 4gb as my portable player, however the sound i get out of it using my px 100's is ok but I have the feeling it can be much better.

So after searching around it seems the sansa clip gives excellent quality, so my question: Is it worth it to change from my zen to a sansa clip or an even better device (suggestions are welcome
)in the same category. The 3 only aspects i look at are sound (offcourse), battery life and (not that important) portability.

Cheers and thanks in advance!
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I believe that Zen runs a Sigmatel audio chip, which sounds very good. It also has SD-card expandability.

For mp3 play (320k), I prefer my Memorex brand Sigmatel-based flash player's sound to the Clip. The Clip has no expandability. It's sibling, the Fuze (same audio internals) has a micro-SD slot, but SD-card expandability is more useful to me than micro-SD.

The only potential advantage of the Sansa is FLAC.
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I have a Clip and the PX 100's - I don't think they sound very good together.

Not so much the Clip's fault, however - I get much better sound with the Clip + my FiiO E5 + my Sony MDR-V6 cans. The PX 100's are OK, but you should probably consider a headphone upgrade before looking into a DAP upgrade.
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Originally Posted by Earwax /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Which Zen do you have? I have a Zen V Plus and I think the Clip beats beats it by a mile.

Just the regular zen 4gb version

On the note of the PX100's, for me these work perfectly fine, when they are connected to my home audio setup they do have a great sound, it's just on the portable section that the sound is ok/good.
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Originally Posted by blacknile /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I own a Sansa Clip, a Creative Zen and Sennheiser Px100. With properly encoded Mp3s ( :: Über Music Extraction Guide) there's basically no difference to my ears between these devices - with the Creative sounding a bit fuller and the Clip sounding a bit thinner on 0.01% of the tracks I have.

thank you very much for this responce, i'll stay on the zen for now

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