Creative X-Fi Titanium HD and Windows 10
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Oct 14, 2003
I have been having this one extremely annoying issue with drivers for my soundcard and Windows 10.
I have an X-Fi Titanium HD soundcard, which has a fantastic DAC onboard, and that is why I continue to use it.  Creative was on top of their driver support, and released a Windows 10 driver for the X-Fi Titanium HD within a month of Windows 10 being released.  When I install the latest driver that is available from Creative, everything works great.  There is just one issue...
After I install the Creative driver, I get a notification in the windows Action Center that says something about Windows needing to "finish installing device software".  The issue is that everything works great at this point.  If I actually click the notification, it then attempts to install some new driver software, after which there are significant problems.  The biggest issues involve changing between 44.1K and 48K content, it seems to get stuck on one or the other and then content either sounds bad or doesn't play at all.  If I want to get everything working good again, I have to re-install the driver but NOT click on the notification to have windows "finish installing device software".
I'm hesitant to blame Creative, since everything works great when using the latest driver that they provide from their website.  I have no idea why Microsoft is trying to force extra software to be installed on top.  As hard as I might try not to click on the notification, it always ends up being clicked accidentally at some point, and there is NO confirmation once the notification is clicked - it just starts installing driver software right away that breaks everything.
Any ideas?
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Sep 1, 2011
Did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the Ti-HD (Titanium-HD).
Guessing Microsoft is trying to install an older version of the Creative drivers.
Guess you have to learn better self control to keep from clicking on the driver update.

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