Creative WP-350 bluetooth headphones were suprisingly good.
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Jan 6, 2013
Bluetooth headphones are to audiophiles like a pot noodle is to a gourmet foodie; Joe blow might think they are neat but you wouldn't catch me dead with one.
I've owned various headsets for phone calls from Nokia, to Jawbone and my first A2DP headset was a logitech one made for the Ipad (its sound quality was terrible before you ask)
I purchased the 350's out of a desire to experience apt-x clarity and also because I needed a second pair for work. I was shocked the first time I put them on but mostly because they have to be the most ill conceived driver placement design I've ever seen. To put it bluntly, if you put the left can on your left ear, and right for right, they feel like they will either fall off at any second, or that you're wearing them wrong. The acoustic seal is pretty bad in the 'correct' position as well and needs constant adjustment. They just don't fit.
Put them on backwards however and they are quite comfortable, sound great, but all of the controls are backwards and it makes them un-suitable for watching movies or playing games since the sound is reversed.
I tried to make myself get used to them the way they were meant to be worn but in the end I could spend 10 minutes fiddling with their position and still not be comfortable, or just flip em and be done with it.
Audio quality:
Shockingly good. These aren't going to have you selling your Beyerdynamics or Sennheisers but somebody obviously put some thought into the way they sound because they are incredibly clear, not a hint of muddiness or uncomfortable resonances, and their bass is absolutely subsonic. Not bad for on the ear compact headphones. These things can also be driven to uncomfortably loud levels and coupled with their excellent sound dampening characteristics, you could probably get away with mowing the lawn while listening to an audiobook.
There are no obvious flaws in it's audio presentation. Mids are detailed and natural, highs are crisp and unfatigueing, bass is stellar, little to no self noise, and all this in a headphone the size of a bracelet.
I have not had the pleasure of listening to them in apt-x mode thanks to some bum drivers on my bluetooth card, but even A2DP sounds amazing. The closest headphone I can compare them to sound wise are the Sony MDR-V6 or Maybe an ATH-M50. These are not audiophile cans, they are made for a mass market but they hit that sweet spot of price VS performance and are good all around without any glaring flaws. At the $60 I paid for them I consider them a steal. The fact that they have no cord to dangle and get caught on my clothes, and have bluetooth controls for track, voice control, and play/pause, and they are convenient in the best possible way.
In Summary:
The good:
They sound fantastic
They are as loud as your hearing can handle
They are inexpensive
They are wireless and it just works
They come with a cloth carrying case
They have big sound in a compact package
They attenuate outside noise quite well
The bad:
They fit better backwards than forwards
I sometimes have to re-key them when swapping between my PC's bluetooth, and my Iphone, in order to get them to select the right source.
They are on ears but use a very soft leatherette pad that seals to your pineal. The downside is itchy ears and a little moisture buildup with extended use.

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