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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. Got the Shakes
    I think so. They raised the price at some point last year to around $4,000 I believe. I preordered two years ago for less than half of that, but there is risk in that since they haven’t started shipping units yet and we have no idea when they will.
  2. QuietKungFu
    I thought I'd chime in on your question. I had the exact same SBZ card and settings but paired with a Sennheiser PC360. The headphones aren't quite as good as yours, but are an open back design. I tried out the SXFI Amp and was impressed with what I heard, especially for games. I use it for that and some music listening. No surround sound movies or content creation. I set up my ear profile on a phone, but use the downloaded Windows software exclusively for handling the SXFI Amp settings. You can adjust the surround (stereo, 5.1, 7.1), adjust headphone selection, as well as play with an EQ curve and update the firmware. Not as many features as the SBX Studio Pro control panel, but should have just enough settings to get the sound you want. If you wanted to wait, it has been heavily implied by Creative that a SXFI sound card will be released in the future, but no hints on a time frame for that.
  3. eliwankenobi
    As far as I know yes. But if you ask me, the tech is worth it. Creative can make it happen at a vastly more affordable price. They have the resources to do so... But a fantasy at this point.
  4. johnn29
    Has anyone tried switching out their head mappings? The Windows software lets you change it and go back and forth with only a slight gap. The one I took first time round, which wasn't great, definitely sounds really different. I know there's been a lot of talk about how the whole mapping process isn't relevant - but it really seems to be.

    Also now that I've tried the AMAZING Impulcifier which measures your own room with binural mics - I have to say what Super X Fi does is a pretty good approximation. I'm sure I can get Impulcifier to work better when I treat my room but considering the hassle of setup the SXFI does a good job.
  5. x7007
    who said it's not relevant? are they out of their mind or they can't hear surround, because some people can't, it works as you brain works, if you can't you won't.
    the first time I got it, I couldn't do the calibration and it sound like bathroom dance floor. as soon as I did the calibration and pick the correct hd800 headphones, it sound like different animal.
    if you don't do calibration expect to Not hear surround if at at all any quality from it. because it depends on your specific ears.
  6. johnn29
    I saw on a few other forums where people posted frequency sweeps with different head mappings claiming little difference.

    Hoping they release the theater product soon - friends of mine would love that as they can no longer have a dedicated setup
  7. x7007
    and to what did they test that had liitle to no difference? the whole thing is surround position, testing stereo won't do a thing. what did they test?
  8. johnn29
    To be fair - it's people posting sweeps with no idea what they're really doing. I don't support them - I was just pointing out this tech is the real deal and not some scam.

    I don't think it's just surround position though - it's sound signature. I've now done 8 mappings - each one seems to be slightly different. I've gone through all the mappings with the Dolby Channel Check test tones and various songs to pick both the positioning and sound signature I like. That is a big weakness in the picture mapping - it should be reliably repeatable.

    Now I've come to a head mapping that delivers me pretty amazing audio. I'm beating anything I've tried in the past, including the preset from OOYH I loved. The Sound Signature just sounds right - it's not overly reveberent and the center channel is incredible and so real.

    The lesson is - take multiple mappings - use the Windows software to change them and run through channel mapping test tones that just play white noise in all 7 channels.
  9. Richter Di
    I have already taken three measurements but I guess you are right and I should try some more. Thank you for the advice.
  10. AudioManNewb
    Does any one know or have an information as to is the new Sound Blaster cards the AE-7 and AE-9 will end up supporting the Super X-Fi tech?
  11. eliwankenobi
    No, in an interview either on PCWORLD (I think) or PC Perspective the markerting guy said they were developing Sxfi specifically for the Soundblaster (ie gaming) line. But not now..

    My take is the AE soundcards have refined virtual surround algorithms.

    I do wish for an upgraded Sxfi with hardware like on the AE-9
  12. Zaphyre
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  13. AudioManNewb
    I wonder if the kind of phone camera you have plays a good portion if you will have a successful scan.
  14. Lifted Andreas
    Nope, mine was working 100% fine on firmware 19.0.x, and today I updated it to 1.40.7 and its been same so far.

    I suggest you get an RMA on that, defo shouldn't be happening.

    Gotta say I do find the SXFi feature somewhat redundant, as I don't have any headphones currently in that list. I mostly just use it with my Massdrop Sennheiser PC37x headset, and I gotta say I am really surprised there isnt more gaming headsets in that list since this AMP has almost perfect audio queues in games. Honestly I am surprised its THAT good for gaming purposes, even before you even think about the SXFi hologram feature.

    I've had this thing for a couple weeks now and the sound is starting to wrap me up in sonic love tbh, the AK DAC just sounds like silk to my ears... while still keeping good separation and definition. ^_^

    PS. I wonder why the product page isn't up yet on Head-Fi.org.

    Hmm thats interesting!

    The one coming this year seems to be Project Accent, although there really isn't much info... who even knows if it will sound better than the amazing AK DAC in the SXFI AMP. All it really says is that the DAC/AMP will have 7.1 surround sound functionality.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2019
  15. AudioManNewb
    I bought the Super X-Fi Air C and thought the sound was absolutely dreadful. I could tell there was surround sound but it sounded like that but in my head vs out of my head like Waves NX on my mobius does. Took 15+ mappings two came out the same apparently when you went to switch it did not load it into the headphone. All of them sounded the same as in zero soundstage but had different signatures either leaning to bass heavy or treble heavy. You would think there own headphones would do a good job of presenting there Super tech in good light.
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