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Creative Super X-Fi headphone holography

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  1. sahmen
    Oh .I already have the mobius, as you can see in my sig. I was actually a backer, so that box is checked. That's why I thought you were referring to the Air.
  2. mushy168
    The iphone app would not be able to control the SXFI AMP directly from an iphone. This is probably why they only list the AIR as being compatible. But... after you create the account and do the mapping on the iphone app, you can use the PC app to do everything else (download mapping, change headphone, etc) and program your AMP... just use the same account to login on the PC app! I just saw the PC App listed on the Windows App Store...
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  3. Drog
  4. sahmen
    Just a point of clarification : is what you're calling the PC App different from what Creative Labs call the Android App? If this is an App that can be used on PC Laptop computers, could let me know where to find it, as I can't seem to locate it in the Google Play store? Thanks.
  5. Ken Quek
    Get the PC app here

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  6. mushy168
    On a Windows 10 machine, go to Windows App Store - the little shopping bag icon on the bottom left. Search for "SXFI". The PC App will appear.
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  7. sahmen
  8. PureViewer4t1
    Has anyone tried the SXFI amp with Beyer T90s?
  9. eliwankenobi

    Does the mic on the SXFI AMP work when using it on the PS4?
  10. Vader2k
  11. sahmen
    So now my Xfi Air arrived, and I find myself with two possible dedicated Creative Labs headphones (I received a free Aurvana SE with the amp)... First of all, does the Air render the Aurvana completely redundant, or are there some tasks that the Aurvana can handle better? (I also have some other standard headphones that can pair with the amp (from what I have learnt, in theory), but I am looking for an ideal pairing... The Xfi Air is going to be in play definitely in play, either in solo mode, or paired with the amp, but if I also have the Audeze Mobius, and other from Sennheiser and Hifiman, that are allegedly compatible with the dongle, which is why I am curious about how the Aurvana SE performs, in comparison with such other standard headphones,.? I got this mostly for desktop movie watching on my computer, so that should be taken into account (unless there is some way I could use either the amp or the air to watch movies on an actual TV screen, but I doubt that),

    One problem that is emerging is where to get a carrying case that can carry the XFI Air, and the Dongle... I'll probably get another for the Aurvana SE if it is going to be in frequent and helpful use, but I would like to know what owners of the Xfi and Xfi air are typically doing about carrying cases...

  12. mushy168
    Well, technically, I think you could use the AIR with the AMP using the line-in, but you would need to find a suitable profile from their list. The SXFI AIR doesn't seem to be listed - they're probably expecting it to be connected via BT only.

    As for Aurvana SE vs your other cans... given the price points, I would think any of your Hifimans and Sennheisers are going to be better than the Aurvana... for it to work well, it is important to make sure you set the profile appropriate for your can though.
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  13. Ken Quek
    The Aurvana SE is SXFI certified and i admit it sounds pretty impressive well until you pair it with better cans. Speaking from experience, i went to Creative HQ for the demo with EMU Teak + SXFI Amp when collecting my Aurvana SE bundle. After few months with the Aurvana i still miss the sound from the demo so i eventually gave in and bought myself the EMU Teak bundle.
    As for cases you can look for a generic headphone case from aliexpress or ebay.

    The AIR already has SXFI built in, you should not use it with the Amp. I recommend dedicating the Amp for PC usage. Simply perfect for movies in 5.1 and 7.1.
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  14. froes
    My amp crashed two times this week with an extremely loud digital noise, so it was hearable by my collegues. Did anybody notice such problems?
  15. mushy168
    Which firmware version are you on? I recalled a while back, there was a few firmware updates in quick succession...
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