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Creative SoundBlasterX AE-9

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by nraymond, Dec 8, 2018.
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  1. nraymond
  2. Doug2507
    Odd they say the rca on the dac is input. Would've thought card would be input and dac out.
  3. genclaymore
    I had a feeling they was working on another card, and expected a card similar look to the AE-5 but with op-amp sockets. But I didn't expect them to go crazy with it.
  4. Doug2507
    Wonder if zxr op amps will be compatible, still have mine tucked away..
  5. selvakumar
    let me preorder
  6. halcyon
    Same audio chip, same USB-PCIe bridge, same 5.1 channels, same SBX Pro Studio.

    Now with ESS Sabre and swappable OpAmps.

    Oh, what a sad state has the PC 3D audio industry turned into. And to think we would need accurate, realistic, 3D rendered positional audio for AR/VR.

    And this recycling of 10 year old technology is what we get.

  7. nraymond
    Are you sure there's a USB-PCIe bridge? That's something I've read about some ASUS sound cards, but not Creative. (There was a time years ago when Creative had a PCI to PCIe bridge for some of their sound cards, before they did a native PCIe chip - perhaps that's what you're thinking of?)
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  8. ericx85
    I really wish I could use their 3d software without having to use their cards. Or can I?
  9. halcyon

    "This tool imitates the 7.1 to binaural sound effect of many surround virtualizations by making use of Equalizer APO's convolution filter. Available are impulse response that were recorded with activated...

    – Dolby Atmos Headphone
    – CMSS-3D
    – SBX Pro Studio Surround (also found in BlasterX Acoustic Engine & THX TruStudio Pro)
    – Dolby Headphone
    – Sennheiser GSX Binaural 7.1
    – DTS Headphone:X
    – Windows Sonic Headphone
    – Dolby Home Theater v4 Headphone Surround Virtualizer
    – Razer Surround
    – Out Of Your Head
    – Flux HEar V3
    – OpenAL and DirectSound3D HRTFs
    – Waves Nx
    – and many more!"
  10. Anarion
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  11. Stefan1971HH
    Is there any news about the release date?
  12. BattleBrat
    Any new news on this card? I'm assembling a new computer and would love to slap one of these in it, I LOVE my X7!
  13. itchyears
    Must have got delayed since a few reports suggested Jan 2019 release date. On there site and social media its just G6 (external usb soundcard) press only and on there site it still list the AE5 as 'new' so clearly its out of date.

    Ill wait to see comparisons between AE9 and the new Nu soundcard which I hear is awesome and designed by UK audio engineers. Quite possible creative did not anticipate the Nu soundcard since no ones really in the sound market lately so they delayed it.

    I have read the Nu soundcard has a decent and slightly more powerful headphone amp compared to what we have seen before (Ae5) so its better for Senn 6xx+ series headphones.
  14. BattleBrat

    Yes I've been wondering about the Nu myself. Although when I use a sound card in place of a preamp as I will be with this new card, I prefer one with a volume control knob of some sort. My xfi titanium HD had it, my X7 has it, and it's something I've come to expect. I might have to buy the Nu and find out.
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  15. iMik
    From here


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