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Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by earfonia, Feb 22, 2015.
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  1. Yethal
    I wonder whether they actually listened to our collective whining and fixed everything that is wrong with the X7
  2. raband
    Jan '19 is the latest firmware for it - am happy with mine
  3. Fotopaul
    Yup, my X7 is used daily and works just fine, it's connected to both my Xbox and my Mac and i also have Xbox chat thru the X7 mixer with the help of a mixamp. The XM7 speakers are a bargain.

    I very much doubt the new X series will have a Microsoft chip in it, so Xbox chat will most likely need to be provided by an external device.

    But that doesn't mean it won't come with new features, better dac etc, that could warrant an update.

    Just wanted to say not everyone is unhappy with X7. I'm certainly not.
  4. Abdizzle
    Based on the mess that was the x7 launch in terms of drivers and firmware, their new device won't be usable until 18+ months after launch.
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  5. msidhu93
    Overall I am very happy with the X7 as is, however if they are going to create a new version, I really do hope they add iR remote support. That would be my most requested feature. Adding HDMI ARC or eARC would be next but not a necessity. Decoding DTS as well as Dolby would be nice but again, I'm happy at least one multi channel format is available.
  6. halcyon
    So why buy generic (non-personalized) HRTF SBX Studio Pro based AE-9/AE-7 card, when you can wait max 3 months and get a personalized Super X-Fi PCIe card that will be superior?
  7. Yethal
    If they make the new device not overreliant on the control panel it would be great. Dedicated remote or buttons on the device would make it so much easier to use.
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  8. Noober
    XLR mic input would be awesome
  9. msidhu93
    Okay so after scavenging around the Creative UK website, I managed to find some more information, the new X device is code named project accent and will support 7.1 discrete audio opposed to the X7's 5.1.

    If Creative wants the 7.1 discrete surround sound to work with more than just a PC, (i.e, with a Console or Blu-Ray player) then the device should support HDMI I/O as Optical Toslink only supports a max of 5.1 through Dolby/DTS like with the X7.

    The alternative route that Creative will more likely take however is that there will only likely be native dolby support like the X7 via Toslink due to licencing costs and the unit will matrix the remaining 2 channels through SBX.

    Another route to avoid licencing perhaps is by allowing the potential HDMI I/O to not decode Dolby TruHD/DTS HD but to allow for multi channel PCM thus making the source device (Console/Blu-Ray Player) do the decoding and then sending the audio across to this unit.

    Ultimately I firmly believe the right way to do this with one single cable is to have a HDMI eARC port to allow all of the formats to be transferred to the unit via a HDMI eARC compatible device such as a TV. Even the previous HDMI ARC standard would be nice as you can get Dolby Digital Plus this way which supports 7.1 and potentially device handshaking via HDMI CEC to control power on/off and volume through the TV. I am getting a bit carried away but as you can tell, I am excited!


    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  10. halcyon
    Hope they allow for adjustments to the Super X-Fi HRTF. There is way too much reverb in the default settings for games.
  11. tmaxx123
    Hmm , hopefully it’s good!
    Looks weird, and only says pc? Hmm
  12. msidhu93
    X7 is also mainly advertised for PC however works independently with all other sources too very well. I actually use it mainly as a pre amp for my home theater.

    If it's a new X series product as they say, would like to think that they do not go backwards otherwise you might as well get an internal card :)
  13. Sonic1990
    GUys, Sound Blaster AE-9 or x7? got active speakers, headphones and ps4. CAnt make a chose..
  14. Yethal
    If you have a PS4 and you want to use virtual surround on that then X7 (or G6)
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  15. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    The X7 is fully featured, I'd always steer someone towards it if they can afford it. Not much more you can need than what it offers.
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