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Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by earfonia, Feb 22, 2015.
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  1. Magic Man
    A 'better' DAC is subjective and questionable.
  2. wadec22
    I recently tried some "high end" discrete opamps mentioned in this thread and could tell zero difference. if anything it introduced new noise. I'm not going to mention the brand as the company was very pleasant to deal with but if you are the fence, be cautious with that $ - better ways to spend it IMHO
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  3. Digitalis
    Funny, I use 15%.
  4. EasyEnemy
    i recently got a at-ha5000 and i was so blown away by the sound quality. I was so curious on the how much difference it made so i went to dig a little deeper.

    my research led me to believe what was different is power (clean, speed, agile, precise, and raw power). i still a little unsure but the following is what i think or assume from my research. i think the best way i can explain is analog signal is simply frequency charged with power (watt). on the dac level processing, the dac make the analog signal need to feed it with power. assuming the processing power and ram of the dac is equal, so what really make the difference is the cleanliness, speed, agility, precision of power. digital to analog conversion is the second point of sound production and is the first point of amplification, i feel that it should be quite important. which led me to believe implementation/design of the dac important.

    i most probably will not try op amp swap. a better dac seem most attractive although it is more costly.
  5. Yethal
    Mew a few people who insisted that sound quality is 75% power supply and 25% all other components. This led me to believe that replacing X7 power supply with a fully linear one might further improve the sound quality. I haven't tested this yet but it is a possibility.
  6. raband
    I was told it was 83% the seat you were sitting in so replaced all household furniture with bean bags.

    Haven't tested yet, but am comfy as all fark.

    Just wish I could reach my headphones........ they're over there......

    At least I can control the X7 from my phone

    (could someone pass me the phone? While there, grab the headphones for me too, got some testing to do)
  7. Yethal
    Surprised you can still hear music from underneath all these sarcasm layers.
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  8. Magic Man
    Definitely 100% the ears your listening with :)
  9. raband
    Made sure I got the sonic transparent beans for the bags.
  10. Magic Man
    Quick question. Using mine with Wharfedale 9.1 speakers, 6ohm like the Creative xm7 set. Some guidance says to set the amp output impedance to 4ohms whilst another says 8ohm.

  11. Yethal
    Pick the one that sounds better.
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  12. Magic Man
    Okay :) thanks!
  13. Digitalis
    Has anyone ever actually pulled an X7 apart? - i'm curious about exactly how they have set up cooling for the components. Here in OZ temps of over 40 degrees are not uncommon during the summer months. I recall reading somewhere that the X7 is passively cooled, I hope they didn't just slap a few heatsinks on components and called it a fluffy day. I have been using a power amp* to take all the heavy lifting off the X7's amp section, but it still can get warm.

    * Emotiva A-800 with a full Klipsch 5.1 speaker set up.
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
  14. Mr Router
    Has anyone tried Dolby Atmos on the Xbox One X with the Creative x7 ? Currently using the x7 with My Philips x2 and they sound amazing right now for movies and games. I went ahead and started a free trial to get the Dolby Atmos software and it has taken my audio to the next level. :D
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2017
  15. illram
    If you're using Atmos the X7 becomes a bit redundant since you should turn off its virtual surround to use Atmos. You're really just using its amp at that point, which is sort of a waste.
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