Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by earfonia, Feb 22, 2015.
  1. kellte2
    This might come as a strange question, but I wanted to solicit the opinion(s) of the people on this board.

    I have an amp from a prominent manufacturer that has failed 3 times over the course of a month (and has been repaired by the manufacturer). We've gone in circles trying to discover why this would happen, and after the second failure, the manufacturer suggested that it was either my X7 or the Sparkos op-amps which have led to the amplifier's failure. Prior to these rapid-fire failures, I'd used the amp without issue on a daily basis from March of this year through late-September.

    The sparkos op-amps and X7 were a part of my rig for my entire ownership of the amp in question, so I am extremely reluctant to think that the amp could have been fried by the X7/op-amps after properly functioning in the chain for about 7 months.

    Has anyone here experienced any issue with X7s killing their headphone amps when connected via RCA out? I know that many people here use the Sparkos op-amps in the X7s, and then feed its signal as a DAC to a dedicated, secondary headphone amp. Have any of those people had issues using this type of setup in the past?

    I am not here to smear the manufacturer in question, as they have demonstrated superb post-purchase support and are willing to offer me a refund, but I'm confused by what has transpired. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated!
  2. Yethal
    @sparko311 Co
    uld You comment on that?
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  3. mbyrnes
    I've had the full Sparkos swap for a while now, and I connected an amp to it early this year. I never had an issue with my amp, MicroZOTL2. Granted it's full tube amp, with the tubes used in a way to preserve tube life. I had a lot of hours with that combo up until very recently. Sorry to hear about your situation. Maybe measure the output voltage from the RCA outs? Should be 2V and I really can't see any reason why even 3V would fry the amp. I loved the setup actually. Moved my Mimby to another system.
  4. kellte2
    I am curious about the voltage issue, but the setup was perfect for 7-8 months. I am hesitant to believe that something could have changed, but I’m at a total loss.
  5. sparko311
    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I have not heard any reports like this before. Several people have used the discrete op amps in the X7 and to my knowledge, nobody has had any problems. I did have one person describing issues with the Bluetooth (or perhaps USB connectivity), but he determined it to be something with the X7 and returned it. Keep us posted on how this turns out, and if you have any questions please let me know. Thanks!
  6. EasyEnemy
    Hi, i like to connect a passive center speaker and passive subwoofer to my x7, need some advise.
    1) Can I connect it in the following way. X7 center/subwoofer line out (3.5mm to rca) -> stereo amplifier -> right speaker out to center speaker and left speaker out to subwoofer.
    2) Correct me if i'm wrong x7 center/subwoofer line out would separated the correct frequent/sound to the stereo amplifier. the stereo amplifier will then amplifier the signal and power the center and subwoofer?
    3) if I wonder it the stereo amplifier be able to do the job of powering the passive equipment.
    4) stop being stupid, ignore the above option and get a AV receiver/amplifier.
  7. Digitalis
    This should work fine.

    Correct, however most subwoofers are actively powered and shouldn't need anything more than a pre-amp for the signal.
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  8. EasyEnemy
    Many thanks, digitalis.
  9. slayer6288
    What surround % do you guys use for playing console 5.1 games in dolby digital? using a pair of hd598
  10. Yethal
    100% always.
  11. sff2008
    I've been using a Teac UD-H01 and JBL LSR305 combo for a few years, but unfortunately the UD-H01 recently died. I've been looking at the X7 as a possible replacement, but how well does it pair with active speakers? Would it be a decent choice to go with my LSR305's, or should I ditch them and get a pair of passive units?
  12. Vader2k
  13. wadec22
    i see a lot of referencing to the burson and sparkos opamps. what is the concensus on the muses 8820 and the higher end 01,02 & 03 with the x7?
  14. kellte2
    Anyone have any experiencing using the ifi iPurifier for SPDIF? Seems like it could improve the SQ even more.

    Lots of positive impressions on the reclocker when used with a Google Chromecast Audio.
  15. Magic Man
    With regards input selection, how does this work without using the app? E.g. if I have something on the line in, say a CD player, what input selection is set when the X7 is turned on? Does it default or 'stick' to what was last set, what if power is completely disconnected?
    Is there any way to select an input without resorting to the app?
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