Creative Sound Blaster X7 - Detailed Review & Impressions

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by earfonia, Feb 22, 2015.
  1. Yethal
    Can't you lower the volume of toslink output within the X7 internal mixer?
  2. escknx
    No, all volume controls and mixer are completely dead when I use optical, except DSP effects.(all direct modes are unchecked)
    Toslink and RCA work at the same time, I have connected Toslink and RCA to 2 different amps and they play at the same time well, except volume regulates only on RCA connected amp.

    And once I change out to X7 SPDIF output device in Win, all controls work but no DSP effects.
  3. Yethal
    Well that would imply that X7 doesn't actually want you to use volume control on the toslink output and the only reason this works with the spdif output device is because of Windows internal mixer and not the X7 mixer.
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  4. escknx
    Yes that's pretty sad decision by Creative, since I use G5 this way w/o any problems.
    Also my X7 LE has pretty noisy RCA out, the better cable I use the more hiss it introduces to the amp. Cheapest RCA 5ft long cable works better that my other solid 1.5ft cables. :/
    Waiting for E5 to arrive to test same thing with it.
  5. escknx
    Is there any way to use X7's RCA IN as a source for headphones when I have USB plugged?

    Or have setup as PC USB to X7 -> X7 RCA Out -> eq Behringer MINIFBQ FBQ800(rca in -> EQ -> rca out) -> X7 RCA in -> playback from X7's headphone jack
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  6. Yethal
    It's possible but why would You want to do that?
  7. escknx
    Just to have hard equalizer hooked instead of software one.

    Would you point me on how to do that? cause when I have USB plugged in, it plays music only from USB source and there is no option to enable RCA as main source.
  8. Yethal
    Disable direct mode. If that doesn't help go to recording devices, select rca input and select to output to x7.
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  9. escknx
    Ohh I'm sorry my bad. It worked, it just plays at the same time it mixes all inputs. That's awesome feature, really great implementation.

    Do you think replacing OpAMPS with Sparkos can fix line out hissing?

    My mixer works fine with all inputs, but for some reason It does not affect USB.. Neither volume/mute nor balance levels of USB input.
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  10. Yethal
    Replacing opamps might resolve the issue. Might. Personally, I'd try plugging the X7 into a separate outlet and trying a usb controller that is not shared with other devices.
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  11. escknx
    Its not usb related, it hisses even when nothing is connected except power.
    Tried outet at another part of house, yes I fixes some hiss, but still far from black, especially at higher volumes.
    6.3 HP out to RCA in gives same result.
    It perfectly black when HP's connected, but hisses alot when attached to the amp.
  12. Yethal
    You might have a grounding issue. Try using a ground loop isolator.
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  13. escknx
    Are you aware of any good ones?
    Or something simple like this should work?
  14. Yethal
  15. escknx

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