Creative ideas for carrying Player/Amp combo?
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Sep 27, 2007
So post some good ideas for carrying a portable/amp combo!

Personally, I can't stand to listen to my Zen Vision:M without the line-out and amp. I just sounds anemic. So I take them both everywhere.

I generally will wear a jacket and keep it bundled in my jacket pocket but in the summer this is obviously a problem.

Anyone got some good ideas for year round methods of carrying your portable/amp combo?

This is what I use on a daily basis:




Pretty portable as portables go but not even close to being pant pocket size.

So what do you folks use?

Some sort of small 'sling sack' or 'man purse' of some kind comes to mind and I'm sure there's some folks out there who have already solved the problem ..

So post some ideas or pics please.

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Posted this elsewhere. It's a bit bulky but well protected. The Pelican 1030 Micro Case does a nice job shielding the system from dust, water, etc., and seems tailor-made for the 2Move. The 2Move is retained nicely (without much force required) by the rubber liner within the box. The Mini is velcroed to the top of the amp and fits perfectly with the lid closed (slight pressure by the foam-lined lid on its face). Additionally, the ALO Au/Ag LOD is protected by the hard case from unnecessary stress. Finally, there's room for my Shure SE530 IEMs.

Next move will be to swap out the standard 4GB Microdrive in the Mini for a 32GB CF card.

Interested in your thoughts on this and other clean ways to package up portable rigs.

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i have that exact same pelican case for my kicks a.
but i have decided to downsize my portable rig because an amp, player, iems and wires are too much of a hassle and heavy for a true portable. i like something i can wear around my neck and change volume or songs at will without having to go through hell...and move around.

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