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Creative ep-630 fake?

  1. gudlaf
    It's a fake?
  2. soundstige
  3. Leynar


    I think he is asking if its a fake, not telling us it is. I'm not too sure also though
  4. soundstige
    Why think it is?
  5. tinyman392


    Cause an IEM in this brand is known for fakes, and Ebay is notorious for fake headphones...  LOL.
    I don't think it's fake, the reseller has good feedback and is top-rated (only 7 total problems out of 2970).  There obviously is a chance as all resellers have a chance of having their stock taken by fakes (not intentionally).
  6. Jeremypsp
    It's a top rated seller, so it's most probably real. The price isn't too cheap to be true either.

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