Creative aurvana live vs sennheiser hd 439 vs shure srh 440
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I would steer away from the HD 439. They're decent, but there's not as much else I can say about them :p definitely not right if you listen to all genres. I'm a huge Shure fan, and the SRH440 would be great if you listen to all genres, but I think the most fun of the bunch would be the Aurvana Live. It's pretty much the soul successor to the Denon D1000 (Or 1001, I forget which :p). While it's not the best at Folk, Classical, and Jazz, it's simply awesome when pumping every other genre. Cheers.
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I listen almost all kind of music. I am going to use it everywhere so i decided that 3 headphones. Which one should i chose.

If this is the case : Shure SRH440. They do well on most music genres. 
I dont know much about the 439, but opinions are mixed. Some like it, others not. 
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Gosh! I need info about hd438

Well, your thread title is a bit misleading 

Anyways, here's a couple of reviews of the 438:
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I disagree. I like the HD439's a lot and I listen to a good variety of genre's 
Don't really know what other people say, but these headphones are awesome. Good bass, great mids and highs. I listen to metal, acoustic, edm, dubstep and rap. Unless you are a hard basshead then these are awesome. 
They are also very comfortable. Very light and the headband puts minimal pressure. Clamping force is average if not a little light.
For me they took about 30 hours to really come alive

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