Creative Aurvana Live! Low volume? Afraid of damaging
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Sep 4, 2015
Hello all.

I'm on my third pair of CLAs. Bad luck with the last two pair, both broke in different ways to mistreatment.

Ive noticed this form my first pair, and that that the volume is pretty low. I've always played music off either my laptop or phone, and now I'm playing music (mp3/flac) off of my Samsung note 5.

It's plenty loud at full volume, or a notch or few below. I'm afraid of damaging the drivers with this practice, but with some songs it's just my listening preference.

I read in a few previous posts that some suggested the original cabling could cause a low volume/noise clipping issue at a higher volume. So I was just looking for some opinions.

Should I worry about damaging the drivers pushing the max volume from a phone? I did eventually notice consistent clipping in the previous two headphones, so it is a concern.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Any headphone should be able to handle a reasonable listening volume with ease. If it's loud enough to damage the headphone, it's loud enough to damage your ears, you should be more concerned about that. At 32Ohms and 103dB@1mW, the Creative Aurvana Live is a very efficient headphone which should not need max volume from your phone.
With your phone at max volume, there may be clipping in the signal which is not a problem caused by the headphone. Otherwise it is probably the driver distorting or clipping. If that's the case there's not much you can do, it just wasn't designed to go that loud. If you want to listen to something that loud, you would need different headphones.
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You are using a phone and a laptop directly, without an additional amp. I would not expect those to be able to do any harm to your headphones. I also suspect that the clipping you speak of, was not happening in your headphones, but before them somewhere in the audio chain. That is, unless you have many headphones, and the clipping happens only with the Aurvanas when tested with the same songs, with the same player, and with the same volume settings everywhere...

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