CRCRC Linear Regulated 24v PSU
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Feb 24, 2019
Nottingham, UK
I am new to PCB design and decided to learn KiCad. This is the end result although a few tweaks here and there are still needed.

I have based this PSU on the one built into the Whammy Headphone Amp by Wayne Colburn and I utilised the main CRCRC filtering process but changed the regulation side so the regulator sets the voltage. I removed the dual LEDs for each rail and implemented a single power LED with header to attach your own to mount to a chassis. As you can see in the pic, its dual rail providing both +24v and -24v with a global ground.

With tweaks here and there theres many possible iterations and I will also do a variable output version based on LM317 and LM337.

I am hoping this project will gain some support and interest as the design results in an ultra quiet PSU with practically no ripple.
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Hello, this looks like an interesting project! I'm new to diy and I just ordered the Whammy PCB. Will follow your thread with great interest! Do you think the Whammy power supply section is good enough or you think it can be further improved upon?
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To be honest it's dead quiet already, only tweaks I'll be doing is single rail versions for amps that just need a regular dc supply and I'll do an adjustable voltage version too. The layout needs to change though to make it more compact so it will easily fit in enclosures.

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I could also make a version where you just wire your own transformer to it which would make the board even smaller!
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Linear Reg-PSU-REV-A-Top.jpg

Here is the latest version. I made the board wider but made it shorter as the previous design was too long and narrow and I actually couldn't find any enclosure it would have fit into. I prefer this new layout anyway and I also added an led indicator for each rail.
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Looking neat! My Whammy is burning in now. Just finished it over the weekend and it's sounding great! I think that has a lot to do with a clean power supply. It's my first serious build so I just watched the video by the designer who talked about how the caps help effectively eliminate ripple and noise. I'm really impressed by how a properly implemented circuit can be quite simple and effective! Looking forward to your single rail and adjustable version! Maybe you can put the boards on ebay and I'll buy from you haha!

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