Crackling/popping in left earcup at certain songs (HyperX Stinger)
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Aug 24, 2019
Some background information, I bought this pair late June so it's less than 2 months old , I never played them at full volume probably never over 65% either. I was careful with the cable and made sure there were no loops/sharp turns.

Issue :

Like a week or so ago I started noticing some crackling/popping in the left earcup when playing songs like Feel good inc by Gorillaz or Ms Jackson by the Outcast , and at certain frequencies/bass values I can hear a burn/crack/pop/buzz sound in the left earcup (like the one when you insert or pull /move the audio 3.5mm jack). I may be going crazy but I am pretty sure it's not in my head.

Warranty :

I bought the pair in Hungary in, so the warranty is valid until 28th of June, 2021.

Additional info:

I do suffer from skin flaking on and in my ears but I didn't wanna fiddle with the headset because I am not sure if removing pads or anything is under warranty or not.

What would be the best way to act and further test the headset to find out at what exact bass/frequency it starts malfunctioning?

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I reinstalled drivers, changed 16-24bit and Hz values disables additional effects, tried back port, tried on my phone without the splitter, I opened it up and I some wax/skinflake was in there but there was some cage on it and I didn't wanna remove the cage because of warranty but I did blow on it and clean the top cage as well as I could , to admit I am kinda lost, the only proof I have is that it does not sound as I think it should soon :frowning2:
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Well, if it were me and if it were crackling and popping that soon after purchase, I would just return it.
Thank you for answering! I wanted to specify a bit , Feel Good by Gorillaz at the timestamp presented here I can hear the static and I think everyone can but it seems to be louder than it should be, that's the best way I can explain

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