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Cozoy REI - DAC/Amp for PC/iOS/Android

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by expatinjapan, Sep 12, 2016.
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  1. NLNH

    Most dap have poor otg connection for device powered items so dont count that in... dx80 is not even designed for usb connection i guess?
  2. HiFlight

    I don't know about the design, but the DX80 works perfectly via OTG with my Shozy Magic. I can say that the REI worked just fine with my Linux desktop system but I have no Windows computer to run comparisons.
  3. NLNH
    I see.....
    It will run on quite a lot of USB connection anyways :)
    recommended to use it on a mac or desktop for the best output power
  4. HiFlight

    Yes, I can confirm that it sounds outstanding when paired with my desktop Linux computer streaming Tidal. Puts many expensive desktop DACs to shame!
  5. BA_D_R
    How can the Cozoy REI got double the Iphone volume when both are about 1.0 Vrms and AK380 is 2.2 Vrms unloaded so it might be 1.7 Vrms @32 ohm?
  6. NLNH
    Bet the measurement is wrong. But it actually varies on a variable input.
    Guess this will not be clarified officially but the could be reference made for those who are interested what vol level it can squeeze out...
    simply explaining it will can output higher than the Aegis at full power
  7. shigzeo Contributor

    It doesn't get double the iPhone's volume. It does get more than 6dB more. The output voltage depends also on how the signal going from the DAC to the amp, and the gain in the amp, so a 2,2VRMS amp can actually be quieter than a 1VRMS amp, depending on the signal it is amplifying.
  8. BA_D_R
    Thanx but these number are the devices outputs (3.5mm) while load is 32 ohm, so 2 Vrms will be louder than 1 Vrms, am I wrong? thanx...
  9. utdeep
    I got this from another head-fier and it is pretty dang good. Didn't beat the Mojo but came close enough that I sold the Mojo.

    I'm currently using them to drive Focal Elears and they sound glorious.

    I wonder why they aren't getting much press?
  10. NLNH

  11. Ultrainferno
    It's in the press today. check out our REI review here:  http://www.headfonia.com/review-the-cozoy-rei-what-a-surprise/
    NLNH likes this.
  12. EarFun
    Wellwhy did you sellyour mojo then.Size?
    Can you describe the difference between the two.
    Iwant tobuy one, but can't decide...
  13. mrhizzo
    Anyone know where can I find a OTG cable microUSB - USB-C to buy? I am using a adapter, but I would like to have one cable only to be included in the package.
  14. gr8soundz
    Haven't tried them myself but these might be what you're looking for:
    I do have 2 micro-to-micro angled cables from the above ebay seller and quality is good.
    mrhizzo likes this.
  15. mrhizzo

    Thank you. It's what I am looking for, but I want something like a regular cable, bigger (0.5m or 1.0m).
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