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Cozoy Aegis - 192kHz 24bit DAC/amp - Compatible with Android and iOS!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by djscope, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. randomfoo
    One little update on my Aegis, which I've been using for critical listening on my phone (it kills my battery so I don't use it all the time) and as a swapper on my computer, but the I picked up an iFi iEMatch (headfi) at RMAF, and while it's a bit on the pricey side ($50), it seems to do what it claims on the tin, and lets me listen to my iEMs w/ a much higher volume w/ amps, including the Aegis. It definitely removes almost all the hiss testing the Aegis + iEMatch setup w/ some CA Andromedas last week, for example, and it's possible it'd remove the high-pitched hum that some IEMs seem to have as well, although I didn't find a pair to test with.
  2. Roen
    What DAC chip is inside this?
  3. figgyburn
    Gents, getting the aegis in the next day or two.is it plug and play on windows 7/10?.I have no need for hi res bit rates just using it on cd rips to wav stored on both computers.Or will I have to install cozoy drivers to play even the cd rips.cheers john
  4. NLNH
    you will need the drivers and that will get you ASIO controls too!
  5. figgyburn
    got it today.got it working on my w7 laptop ok,my google nexus tablet ok,but plugging into my ipad 4 running ios10 the green light just blinks (instead of solid green)and no sound outputs to my headphones.any thoughts why it is not just plug and play with the ipad?
  6. NLNH
    green light means connection is not good.... where did you get your unit from? or you could try to pm us for aftersales service too
  7. figgyburn
    I got it barely used from an u.k. E- bayer.Just puzzled why it works on my w7 computer/ google nexus tablet/ moto android phone no problem.
    Not a major concern as it will be mostly used on the aforementioned devices.If the ipad connection does not work no big deal.I got it for a good price(£40).The previous owner had only used it on android so had no use for the ios connection so could not help..Great sound from this little thing so well pleased with the aegis.
  8. NLNH
    nice that is a very good price =D
  9. figgyburn
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