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Cozoy Aegis - 192kHz 24bit DAC/amp - Compatible with Android and iOS!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by djscope, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. NLNH
    quite likely it's a setting problem...
  2. Loquah

    Definitely. The sound is sublime with my android so Windows is the variable here :)
  3. kaiss3r
    Have anyone of you guys tried using Aegis with iPod Nano 7th? When I plug mine, the indicator of the Aegis turns on but no sound is coming out from its headphone out. I wonder if I have do to something first to make it work
  4. NLNH
    All these dac amps can only run on iOS but ipod nano doesn't have an iOS inside (thus and so it won't work anytime)
  5. kaiss3r

    I figured.. How about with iPod Touch 6th? Does it require a specific music player app to work or the stock player will read the Aegis automatically?

    I tried it with my friend's iPod but the sound still coming out from its speaker. Although I didn't have that much time to play with it so I'm not quite sure if I did something wrong or what..
  6. NLNH
    probably too many background apps running or the app has to be rebooted... Any app can be used.
    A registry will appear inside the phone info manual when successfully connected.
  7. Loquah
    I finally solved my distortion issue and it has nothing at all to do with Windows. When I'm at client's offices, I used the Aegis as my portable DAC and have used a portable amp (FiiO E12DIY) to tame the volume, but it seems the Aegis is really unhappy with such a high impedance load as an amplifier. Does that sound right? I've never struck this problem before.
  8. EarFun
    Hi, I have owned the Aegis for a few month now and I really like the sound (pauirs well with my FLC 8s).
    So when connected to my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active I encounter no problems, except for the heat and battery drainage issues.
    However if I connect the little alien DAC to my computer after a while the sounds starts to distort heavily for a few seconds (like 15 or so) then the distortion goes away and quickly recovers to normal. This happens again and again in increasing intervals, which could be a heat problem, maybe. It still is strange as I am feeding the DAC into another amplifier, which does most of the heavy work.
    I think it omproves, if I disconnect it for a while, but thats no satisfying solution.
    How can I fix this and what could be the problem?
  9. Loquah

    I have exactly the same issue and discovered that it's actually the use of the external amp that's the problem. My assumption is that the Aegis doesn't deal will with the very high impedance of an external amp. Try the computer and Aegis without the amp - you'll hopefully experience the same brilliant sound as from your phone.
    NLNH likes this.
  10. EarFun
    Thnks for the reply.
    If thats the case I would have a problem sI am using the DAC to Amplifier combo to power my SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker, which can be plugged into the DAC alone....
    Is it just that the DAC can only be used for hedphones, should have sid so on the casing....
    Or can I fix this by tweaking volume, or sth else?
    Is this a typical problem for a portable DAC.Or would this disappear, if  I upgrade to a Chord Mojo, e.g.
    Thanks in advance
  11. kartik7405
    Anyone have compared Cozoy Aegis with Dragonfly Black/Red ??
    Looking for  your impression between them.Thanks.
  12. Loquah

    I have Aegis and DF Red. The Aegis creates a larger soundstage and holographic imaging thanks to its DSP circuit. The Red is probably truer to the source and sounds very clean and detailed (in a good way) with a smaller and more focused stage.

    Both have similar power output in my experience.

    Aegis sounds good from pretty much any source, but DF Red needs an app like UAPP to reach full potential on Android. (Not an issue on Apple)
  13. neog007
    Hi everyone. Just to say I'm selling my cozoy aegis more information in the sale/trade forum. Thanks
    -- EDIT: sold
  14. EarFun
    I just took a look at the driver for my ittle Alien DAC. 
    Does it upsample, when you click on higher bitrates?
    And is it saved to the DAC so that it still does it when connected to my Smartphone?
    I am very curious about that.
  15. NLNH
    it also shows DSD64 support on MAC like on Audirvana.... :wink:
    but who knows!
    * nothing will overide the original settings on the unit
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