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Cozoy Aegis - 192kHz 24bit DAC/amp - Compatible with Android and iOS!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by djscope, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. myemaildw
    its ok my music preference changed, i prefer kz x6 just from iphone. bass sounds right. and denon d400 with smsl sap-5 bass amp with bass on and cozoy dac. and i can adjust volume on the bass amp. cheers
  2. ddizzz
    Still for sale? Interested.
  3. myemaildw
    you talking to me? no not selling yet, it sounds good with my denon d400 and smsl sap-5 amp, even its expensive for what it is but scince ive got it i like the sound improvement really, and i have a volume wheel on smsl sap-5 amp, although its probably not the beat amp but its nice. i actually found bass earphones that i like. but ye no gradual volume is a misslook on cozoys there shouldnt be a single amp out there without a gradual volume, especially expensive amps. ive no idea how you supposed to use low impedance earphones, basically most iems on an 100 ohm amp without a gradual volume and lowest being 1/3 loud of iphone volume. no apps dont sort it, sometimes i just want to listen to apple music, radio apps etc. although may be neplayer is a good app. its still not what you would expect for the money it cost, even though it does sound good. if i had my iphone hacked im sure i could install preamp but i dont. so, nice, anyone who will get the cozoy amp will have this as a first permanent issue if they are using it with low, standard impedance earphones, headphones. but i still prefer to finetune volume level as i want even on high impedance headphones, earphones. at the moment its ok i like it with smsl sap-5 amp and denon d400, cheers

    i guess that is why some people want analog out to attach another amp because there is no gradiual volume. can you spot a pattern here, yes gradual volume, i dont understand why we have to deal with this in 2015. everything has a gradual volume in 2015 oh wait cozoy aegis does not. like what? 300 euro? sorry i wont make fun anymore. but still, it sounds good. i dont mind paying extra, make it more expensive but put a f-ing gradual volume please. its not funny at all in 2015.. 100 ohm amp and no gradual volume. no one can listen to it even on lowest volume on 17-32 ohm iems headphones without a preamp apps or whatever. like on mac i would probably use a volume slider on itunes. on iphone nope, tim cook is too busy making 4k iphone with 16gb that can record 2 minutes of 4k video. :rolleyes:

    i found a workaround, what i considered a bug is actually working here. when i adjust eq on a music app in iphone it lowes volume by half, so i eq the highs lower and volume is half, so now volume is fine but still not radio app.

    i know that dac is dac but in cozoy aegis it is dac and amp two in one. and it isnt the dials. i couldnt care for dials on cozoy aegis, its that even when you use the volume slider on iphone it doesnt change volume gradually, it still changes volume in jumps as if pressing volume buttons on iphone. and also some steps are the same volume and dont change until third equivalent button step. so for example one volume press changes from silent to one, two to two third volume button press is still two, fourth is third, fifth is still third sixth is fourth and so on. and because its not 16 ohm dac and amp it is 100 ohm dac and amp on lowest volume ie one on iphone it is 1/3 loud of 16 iphone volumes one on cozoy aegis dac and amp it is about 7 on iphone. now for 20 ohm fidue a73 its unusable half the time cause most of time i want lower volume. you probably also thought you can change volume gradually with iphone slider when you said about volume wheel on dac and amp. i thought that too. and i had astell and kern dac and amp and it changed volume gradually when using iphone volume slider. but not cozoy aegis. cozoy aegis sounds good, but its no gradual volume thing if you do not have a system preamp to lower volume to your liking its fifty fifty. depending how you use it or what computer iphone you use. i just checked the price of oppo ha2 on ebay and it cost 300 euro from hong kong, considering cozoy aegis cost almost as much and is also posted from hong kong i think oppo ha2 is a better buy. it charges your iphone battery as long as you ok with bigish dac amp oppe device. but you get gradual volume on it, i hope. and i also jope oppo ha2 has analog out to external amp like if you like bass and want to use bass amp.
    cozoy suggests you use apps to adjust volume like neplayer etc. while its a good idea but ive no idea if you can port songs to it from other apps or if you can only add from computer drag amd drop which they advertise on app store. but it excludes radio apps and most other music apps and apple music. also this app is 15 euro and apple doesnt do refunds on apps. even if app just plain crashes and doesnt work apple doesnt do refunds on apps. there isnt even an apple service where you could talk to apple about it. when you press the button buy the money is gone from your apple credit. even if app is not functioning.
    that said i found a workaround. most of my music is on tuneshell app where when you eq the volume reduces by half. before i thought it was a bug. but with cozoy aegis it is actually very useful. i can actually listen to it fine. and i have some flacs on it. that excludes radio apps and apple music though. because it is another apps. but i can listen to my favorite songs on cozoy aegis with this bug.
    also the high frequencies on cozoy aegis are more extended and it makes my a73 sound more airy and sometimes they feel like amperior headphones also with much high frequency. sound very airy. so i eq high lower and that reduces ear fatigue and reduces volume to good and nice usability. thanks to this bug on the app.
    now the other setup i have is cozoy aegis dac and amp, smsl sap-5 amp with bass on where i can finetune volume on the amp and denon d400 headphones. d400 sound good with smsl sap-5 amp with bass on only on iphone. but with cozoy aegis it sounds even better.
    so yes i think oppo ha-2 could probably be a better buy than cozoy aegis at almost the same price.
    as for flacs ye flacs sound better. very prescice audio.

    that said the quality of sound is good, except it probably should have less high frequency but you can eq if needed.
  4. DJScope

    Finally got my review up!


  5. nmatheis Contributor
  6. Baycode
    Anyone enjoying their Aegis? The thread is dead silent :/  I am still enjoying it very very much! It is my daily driver now :wink:
    I'd like to see some comparisons with some high-end DAP's. I know some people have here some good sources to compare it, why not share recent findings?
  7. nmatheis Contributor

    I'd be enjoying it if I didn't send it to hakushondaimao to try out. He's got a lot of gear, maybe he can provide his thoughts in the near future. When I had it, I thought it was easily as good as my DX90. Just wish volume control was easier!
  8. Baycode
    Thanks for your input nmatheis :)

    Hope to see that this thread gets some more input. IMO , Aegis deserves more love... I am also curious about the comparos from some headfiers and Labsters :wink:
  9. myemaildw
    I still have cozoy aegis but im not using it right now, waiting to buy a new headphone.
  10. DJScope
    I still use my Aegis on a daily basis. It is a detail freak of a thing! But I've been using it less because it's noise floor is too high for the sensitive FLC8S. 
    The Aegis pairs extremely well with the VE RunAbout amp though. LOTS OF DETAIL!!!! 
  11. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Well, I would use my Aegis still but thier main IEM my ER4S is in the naughty corner after my ear injury. And everyone scared me about the excessive power draw..
  12. myemaildw
    im using cozoy aegis with pioneer cx8 which gave the pioneer cx8 a second life. it brings out a lot of clarity out of them. ive just read through reviews of cozoy aegis and ive read through cons and people are having same cons with them, no gradual volume, lowest volume too loud, too loud on sensitive earphones etc etc, and fidue a73 is a bad volume match for cozoy aegis. lowest volume is too loud for fidue a73 but on pioneer cx8 is all good. even though on specs a73 is 20 ohm andpioneer cx8 is 16 ohm on use pioneer cx8 uses much more power than a73. may be its cause of ba things. on cx8 there is proper volume on cozoy aegis. and yes ofcourse cozoy aegis is a small dac amp. some people need more power than 4 ohms but i dont, cause i dont have more than 20 ohm impedance headphones. would be nice to see impedance adjustment on the dac so that it would adjust output for different iems. so that you get proper listenable volume on all iems and dont burn any iems, which didnt happen but some people dont want to use 32/8 ohm amp on expensive 16 ohm ba iems cause they dont want to break them. like 350 euro iems etc. some people worry about that.

    can anyone compare jds c5d to cozoy aegis? in terms of sound quality and extra bass boost on c5d? is it clean bass or muddy?
  13. Loquah
    Hey friend!
    I'm really enjoying my Aegis and reviewed it recently on my blog. It's a brilliant DAC, especially if you have some software control to pull back the gain for IEM use. I've used mine mostly with Noble K10s and Thinksound On1s and it's brilliant with both, particularly the On1s
  14. myemaildw

    true story
  15. nmatheis Contributor
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