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Cozoy Aegis - 192kHz 24bit DAC/amp - Compatible with Android and iOS!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by djscope, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. flashmp3
    I understand what you mean but i got to say that the big bass we get when the headphones are well amped is just a result of the drivers being able to have the fuel required to operate at their maximum potential.........So even if the mid/high frequencies can play not too bad without a good amp i still think when you have put that amount of money in headphones it need to give what you paid for :p :p otherwise it's waste of money IMHO
  2. NLNH
    Yes and that's the design initiative of Astrapi to drive big cans lol
    proper gain factor is the key, then it is the psu and tuning 
  3. myemaildw
    this cozoy aegis is really a 100 ohm amp, its very loud. but it has an advantage yhe bass on my fidue a73 sounds better and more bass. the sound quality makes me forget about bass earphones because there is more bass. its very nice dac, improves sound by a lot, i hear so much detail and nuances in music. as for dac only idk ask cozoy make be they add two jacks one for dac and amp and one for dac only. i guess rnd would be quite expensive for them to do it, may be not. idk, but what i get is nice. its not a bass head but bass is improved i think because it is more ohms dac. there is no bass switch but from experience when there is a bass it always sounds worse than just regular. im happy with it. just no gradual volume adjust, needs aps to preamp. cheers
  4. nmatheis Contributor
    Too bad Aegis doesn't just feature as DAC-only when volume is cranked.
  5. myemaildw
    ye, why is amp bad on it?
  6. nmatheis Contributor

    Nope, I like the amp on it. It would help out people like Hawaiibadboy who would like to use Aegis as a DAC to feed another amp.
  7. landroni

    Yes, having a dedicated LineOut would be a very nice feature for the Cozoy wares...
  8. myemaildw
    ok cool, not for me, its good as it is. but ye that would be a good feature
  9. ClieOS Contributor
    Just thought someone might want to know: Output impedance is about 4 ohm, max voltage-out is about 1.4Vrms.
  10. myemaildw
    how do they work it out? on the packaging says 16-100 ohm
  11. nmatheis Contributor
    Do you have Astrapi ClieOS? If so, what's the output impedance? It did funky things to some BA IEM I have.
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    That number are the recommended headphone impedance that you should used with Aegis, not the output impedance of Aegis. They are not the same thing.
    Recommended headphone impedance is generally just a suggestion that doesn't mean much technically. The rule of thumb is you want to use headphone that has an impedance that is at least 8x higher than the output impedance of the source to have the best electrical dampening. So ideally you want to use Aegis with headphone that is 4 ohm x 8 = 32ohm and more. However, 4 ohm is actually not particularly terrible as many generations of iPhone and iPod plus quite a few popular audiophile DAPs here at HF are around that number. It is still an okay number, so to speak. Of course, output impedance on headphone amp is usually considered better if it is 1 ohm or lower.
    No, just the Aegis.
  13. myemaildw
    some photos of the dac with fidue a73 and qkz x6 tips sound descent

  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I am selling mine.
    Mint condition, same packaging as H20's version and it has a shorter android cable. 100 bucks.
    Astell & Kern AK10 also 100 bucks
  15. flashmp3
    Wish i lived in US :frowning2: (Paris)
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