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Cozoy Aegis - 192kHz 24bit DAC/amp - Compatible with Android and iOS!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by djscope, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. NLNH
    should consider soldering a new cable for it and see how will that alter the sound...
  2. myemaildw
    got mine so here is review and unboxing, it sounds good about three times better than just from iphone. i like it

    Cozoy Aegis dac unbiased unboxing + review
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  3. Baycode
    Your video seems as PRIVATE and cannot be opened, please check your youtube channel settings.
    EDIT: OK, now its opening :wink:
  4. myemaildw
    i didnt realise how loud it would be, listening on lowest volume, one notch from 16 on my iphone. :confused: not sure how did that happen that cozoy designed such a unit this loud. it can probably run a set of hd600 headphones. ridiculous. but i wish there was a fine tune volume, even when you move slider on iphone it changes like pressing a volume button.
  5. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     Willing to trade mine for a similar size dac only without amp stage. I got a 5TX coming in and don't want to double amp by putting this in front of the 5TX.
    I like it a lot but I just need the dac...anyone know how to un amp this thing[​IMG]
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  6. nmatheis Contributor

    EDIT: Nevermind. I found it. Seems right up your alley HBB :L3000:
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     The guy is a hermit, makes folks wait years...and they still praise him[​IMG]
    I wish i could keep the glory of the Aegis without the amp stage to pass onto the 5tx...if I gotta I'm gonna run em in line anyway and turn the dac off on the 5TX but optimal ....my perfect world...my special place....I can turn off the amp on the Aegis.
  8. landroni

    One way around the hissing/humming caused by USB interference (usually from laptops) is to use an impedance adapter as discussed in this thread:
    Yesterday I received a 75 Ohm adapter from Ebay (seller awwan, 18$):
    When connecting it to the FiiO EX1 and then to the Astrapi, hissing on idle is almost gone. I'm not sure how much it changes the sonic signature of the EX1, but it makes watching movies much more bearable. I expect such an adapter to have a similar effect for Aegis...
  9. Brooko Contributor
    Nice!  I had an Arrow way back.  One of my favourite amps of all time.  You'll enjoy it!
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  10. flashmp3
    I thought this cozoy aegis wasn't good for bassheads.....isn't it ?
  11. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     Thanks...I am very stoked!! That dude is like a mad scientist.
    It's not..... but it sounds very clear and I can use the 5TX to make my bass.....+18dB....just the Aegis is amping and I don't wanna double amp
  12. flashmp3
    Got it :wink:

    I hope a company will a day provide a small size super powerful amp with subbass boost and volume control........i mean small like Cozoy Aegis for example...........
  13. NLNH

    you just need to use equalizer on iphone / android, with the phone's processing power distortion is unlikely to be high
  14. flashmp3
    Don't get what you mean (sorry i'm french)
    Any equalizer won't do anything to drive well a Fostex TH900 or JVC HA SZ2000 straight out of a smartphone (except maybe the Meizy MX PRO 4 & 5 which i have never been able to test)
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     He's not talking about basshead (that's for another thread)[​IMG]
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