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Cowon S9 vs iMod

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by rambocs, May 28, 2010.
  1. rambocs
    Hi, did anyone compared those two? im quite curious how iMod will sound.
     Thanks... :)
  2. Teerdz
    Have you tried the search option?
  3. krismusic Contributor
    Well, I just tried the search function as I am interested in this question too. Nothing. What did your superior search skillz bring up Teerdz?
  4. Freeze
    i hate when people say use the search function. If you aren't gonna help the poster quit trying to falsely boost your post count by saying use the search function. Just because a 6 month old article may exist maybe the person wants a fresh perspective, maybe firmware updates have changed something since then. If you aren't gonna say something constructive keep your mouth shut and quit trying to spam your post count up.
    To original poster sorry I can't answer your question. I do have an Imod but never heard an s9. The Imod sounds fantastic it's actually better then the zune 120 by a decent margin but the s9 is supposedly better then the zune 120 so I guess that doesn't help. I just had to post cause I'm sick of seeing people say use the search function.
  5. hockeyb213 Contributor
    I have not heard a s9 but I do own a imod. From all that I have read as a standalone dap the s9 is right up there with the best. But utilizing the line out with a vcap and amp system I am pretty sure that the imod would have a edge over the s9. Also you may want to look into the hifiman which supposedly is a awesome dap as well.
  6. Freeze
    yea the real question is. S9's line out quality vs Imod line out quality.
  7. a_tumiwa
  8. Freeze
    lol well then imod obviously sounds better :p
  9. a_tumiwa
    yes, if we stick to the theory, than imod is absolutely the winner, it will give a cleaner signal
  10. qusp Contributor
    only if S9 has heaps of junk in the HP out signal path. with digital attenuation, a pot turned all the way up should be pretty much identical to not being there at all ie. line out
  11. rambocs
    Thanks for all you reply guys!!! =)

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