Cowon Q5 Digital setup help
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Nov 14, 2008

in a couple of weeks i'm going to be getting a new semi portable setup. i was thinking i would get a Cowon Q5>digital LOD>coxial input on amp>canalphone(/dt7700s at home) -very similar/same as
my questions are as follows

1.what cables would i need in order to get this setup working?

2. i know there's already a thread about this, but what's the best portable amp with coaxial in (preferably around $250US... but i will go up if i have to to get a good sound.) or if they're still around, where can i buy a new iBasso D1?

3. i'm also going to get some new canalphones, budget is around $250-$300US, i listen mainly to electronic and rock with a bit of metal in there too. any suggestions?
EDIT - thinking depending on what happens to me IRL i might splurge and get some SE530s... so you can probably disregard this question :p

thanks for the help guys

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