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Cowon Products

  1. Nethernest
    Is there a general consensus as to which Cowon player provides the best bang for your buck? Haven't owned one since the S9 so I'm a bit out of the loop with all these different Plenue models. I do remember my other Cowons getting laggy after putting a certain amount of music on there so I'd prefer one of the models with a beefier processor. Was looking at the Plenue R but I don't know how the DAC in it compares to anything else, really. The Plenue V looks nice but its a bit light under the hood for my tastes.
  2. PaganDL
    Hi Nethernest,

    Speaking from personal experience & having owned the Plenue D for a good while now, you can't go wrong in terms of value & performance.

    Would highly recommend as for a small form factor player, it is deceptively powerful & just that alone, efficient IEMs & headphones run really well, (it gets really loud at low volume) though one might not realise by just looking at the specs which is not always the best thing to do on judging anything alone.
    Plus, in the Plenue range, it has the best battery life at 100 hrs so you never have to worry about running low on battery.
    Also, it has a quick charge system which isn't advertised but let's say you are doing file transfer or maintainence on the player via a computer, if it stays connected for an average half hour, you get about 20% power back on average.
    Actual charging is 3.5 hrs connected to typical high power amp charger via mains with unit off.
    Interesting fact, if you have 3.5 mm balanced or 3 pole 3.5 mm, then it can actually drive that connection properly. More than likely, someone at Cowon figured having well grounded, balanced connections for this player would definitely be a good idea which for some reason, I find highly amusing & appreciative of.
    Processing wise, it is more than fine though as I don't have a ridiculous number of songs just yet, eg, 2000 + but I am close at just over 1k & I'm using a high speed SD card, there are no lag issues I notice.
    I wouldn't be worried about how good the DAC is as all Cowon players, even your S9 all have decent ones nor does Cowon explicitly state which they use.
    What is important is how good your source quality is, as long as it is minimum CD quality, 320 kpbs, you should be more than fine, eg, all my source files are 44 bit.

    Plenue R is good as well but almost a different beast to the Plenue D & I actually got it recently as I wanted a dependable mid range player with Bluetooth functionality which makes a nice change from going wired all the time though I haven't used the latter much just yet for various reasons.
    Personally BT is a nice function to have but it is not essential but useful.
    There will definitely be some who will argue BT 3.0 isn't that great considering there will be potential devices out in the near future which will utilise BT 5.0 & already BT 4 + is already well implemented but in my experience, generally BT 3.0, especially with aptX, is more than stable enough for my needs.

    In terms of power, despite what the specs say, Plenue R doesn't drive anything over 60 ohms that well unless you really crank up the volume which I wouldn't personally recommend for safety reasons but it does have among the lowest noise floors in a DAP I have heard.

    It has a modest 17 hours odd battery life, which makes PR the 3rd highest battery life in the Plenue range

    The UI for the PD & PR are the same.

    Hope this is useful, feel free to ask me more if needed.

    Hope you have a great day !

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