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Cowon Pluene 1 Player

Trader History (13)
  1. tx-sil
    For Sale
    Ship to:
    • Other (see description)
    For sale is my Cowon P1 Player in fair condition. Bought in 2014 from another forum member. It has been my main player since. Time to upgrade to something better. It can be used as AMP and DAC.

    Original leather case is on the player the entire time

    Buyer to pay shipping.

    see pictures




  2. TremWolod
    Still here?
  3. tx-sil
    yes it's still available
  4. TremWolod
    how long does the battery work?
  5. tx-sil
    I use overhead output setting with EQ on and volume at 45 it lasts up to 5 hours non stop listening, but I switch songs a lot so if you just leave it on without touching it it could go longer i guess
  6. TremWolod
    quite interesting and for a good price but do you send to Europe namely to the Czech Republic

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