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Cowon Plenue P1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by batteraziiz, Mar 8, 2014.
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  1. pholcus1975
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  2. iannyjim1
  3. zensanjay
    Hi, picked up the plenue p1 off amazon on a deal. I have mixed experience with it. I am using oppo pm-3 with it. Certain files sound awesome - I had downloaded some flac like ace of base from torrents. Apart from that , I got some dsd , flacs samples from websites and the player itself. These sound great - I can hear lot of details. I have played on a mac / pc the files and there is bit of difference. My old setup was a 5th generation ipod classic ( video 60gb). The soundstage and clarity seems more on it, for some songs. some songs - I hear more details. Others that I liked on Ipod seem bit dull. I am using headphone bb mode. All songs on ipod are in m4a format ( 256 kbps or 320 kbps). wav also sounds good. some songs - m4a - I am hearing more information and its not so pleasant, I ripped some of my cds to flacs- thinking I might get higher resolution. I used exact audio copy and got 16 bit flacs.

    Is it just the ipod chip vs plenue music chip ? or exact audio copy not tuned correctly or exact audio copy not matching my tastes?
    would appreciate your feedback. am used to Itunes ripping and not ripped to flac before. have windows vista. Also have Mac , but am not using it much. thanks in advance
  4. pholcus1975
    Flac is lossless compression, so there is no lost in quality. Ripping CD to lossless flac is always 16 bit 44.1 khz, because it is CD standard. Eac is excellent for ripping.
    For higher bit depth and sampling frequency you have to buy music from sites such as Hdtracks,Qobuz and so on.
  5. Bluetyler
    Hi Kerouac. That's great info, Love my P1 and I'm just about to upgrade my 256 card for a 400gb but just wanted to double check. When you tested the 400gb SanDisk did you see all the tracks and was there any discernible difference in library load time? Could you let me know please?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. Kerouac
    When I tested the 400gb SanDisk card in the P1, all (> 20K) tracks appeared and it still scanned as quick as always.
    Not a single issue...
  7. Bluetyler
    Great. Thanks for the confirmation Kerouac. Much appreciated! :ok_hand:
  8. Violetears
    Hello all,

    I have a question concerning the P1 equalizer settings in combination with the optical output. To my surprise when using the optical out from P1 to my DAC (Hugo 2), the EQ settings from the P1 have an effect on the sound, while I would expect P1 was just sending the data to Hugo 2 to be handled there, just as for instance the volume setting on the P1 has no impact when optically connected to my DAC. As an extra...Is there a better way (better than optical) to connect the P1 with the Hugo 2?

    Thanks in advance for all assistance

    warm regards, Göran
  9. Gilles De Rais
    Hi Goran,

    No. Optical is the only digital output. (it doesn't really have a line out function either)

    It is an interesting approach taken by Cowon. The lack of distortion in the output signal leads me to think that while it is not an analog of the original data, it is bit-perfect.(I could be wrong) Some of our more technically inclined colleagues may be able to clarify.


  10. Violetears
    Thank you Gilles,

    Would it be correct then to state that the different effects available in the P1 alter the digital audio data and then via optical out bit-perfect into the external DAC? If so, it looks like quite a feat, to have so many different "digital" effects applied to the digital audio data
    Before I experienced the effects of the P1 in such a manner, I would have expected that the effects would come into play after the digital audio had been converted in a analog audio signal.

    I would appreciate to hear further technical details on the matter, but my main focus is on how to best have the P1 connected to the Hugo2 (and which settings on the P1) so that the latter can do his magic.

    Thanks again for your help

  11. Pham thach
    Someone said p1 can pull good he400i so I need more amp to make them better. How about 100usd.
    I heard the he400i at volume level 108. Thanks for all
  12. Pham thach
    [QUOTE = "Hi-Fi'er, post: 13595544, thành viên: 112015"] P1 được cho là có một quang ra vì vậy đó là TOSLINK 3.5mm nhỏ. Micro iDSD BL có một quang học "đồng trục SPDIF intellegent" thông qua kết nối tìm kiếm Coax. Ban đầu nó khó hiểu vì nó trông giống như một kết nối đồng trục nhưng bên trong kết nối có một dòng kỹ thuật số để chấp nhận một TOSLINK 3,5 mm mà tôi không biết và nghĩ rằng tôi cần một TOSLINK 3.5mm đến một kết nối Coax. Sau khi thực hiện một số nghiên cứu sẽ hoạt động. Tôi đã tìm ra rằng bạn không cần TOSLINK đến cáp đồng trục loại, thay vì chỉ TOSLINK 3,5 mm đến TOSLINK 3,5 mm và chúng sẽ kết nối.

    Cảm ơn. [/ QUOTE]
    phần dac của p1 có idi ifi tốt hơn không phải là. bạn có so sánh giữa chúng không
  13. Uberclocked

    I know this may be somewhat of a necro, but it would be very helpful if someone could confirm if the usb DAC capability of the P1 on Windows PC has a latency/delay between video and audio.
    When used as a usb DAC, does the sound output at the exact moment the ball hits the zero in this video?

  14. TremWolod
    Hi guys. I decided to ask the respected community. Just do not shower tomatoes. I understand the whole strangeness of the question.
    I am plagued by vague doubts about the purchase LPG. I want to know your opinion.
    I have Cowon p1 for 300$+- I can(want) buy for 1000$+-
    Is the game worth the candle? If not yet in stock matching headphones.
    Or do not fall into audiophilia?:k701smile:
  15. suman134
    LPG, assuming it's not the gas, go ahead, get it, it's a fun game, specially if you have money to spend.

    It's a boon, its a curse.. just don't go beyond knee deep and you are fine. Good dap, a Shozy Pola, and you are good for two years (maybe you have something better, just saying).
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