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Cowon PLENUE M2 (Current Firmware and Manual Links in 1st post)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by taffy2207, Jul 8, 2016.
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  1. gonzfi

    Thanks, ordered.

    What a great DAP this little fellow is. Think it may stop me upgrading for a good long while although I do now fancy the Plenue S!!
  2. Soundtrap

    Me too, PM2 is gorgeous, but PS is like a goddess! Lol!
  3. gonzfi
    Incredibly this DAP powers my T1 V2s perfectly well. Having had a Fiio x5ii, QP1R, Cayin I5, NW ZX2, I genuinely think this is the best of the bunch. It's no frills but the SQ, build quality, ease of use are second to none. I urge my fellow head fiers to seek it out for an audition. Oh and its a great source for anything which accepts optical.
  4. Julian Leyva
    I am a little curious, you see I am planning on buying this for having the purpose of mobility and as a stand alone DAP, my main concern is, since this can be used as DAC for pc, can this also be connected to an ipad through the CCK like the mojo and out put the sound of the ipad through it? I've been thinking about this scenario where I'm at closed space(like on a airplane) and I wanna watch a movie through the ipad and use this guy as an output for my earphones.   
  5. James Shoegazer
    How is the sound compared to the AR-M20?
  6. bluedolphin
    How many own a Plenue M2 today? there should be more post about M2, the player look amazing, i think about getting one
    Does anyone have a youtube video of M2 i want to see it in action unfortunaly there is no physical store to try it out where i live so can only rely on videos.
    only see M1 on youtube
  7. Skint

    The good:
    -Epic sound quality
    -Lightning fast UI
    -easy to use UI
    -powerful amp
    -optical out
    -big memory with 200gb sd card

    The bad:
    -larger than the original M
    -poor battery life (seriously, why make it larger and not upgrade the battery?)
    -headphone jack at bottom of player
    -hard to get accessories

    All in all, an amazing player. Bettery than the ak240, qp 1r, paw gold, fiio x7 x5 x3 x1. I take a portable batter pack with me to increase battery life. A nice case that has built in battery and gives a top mounted jack socket would make it almost perfect.
  8. davidcotton

    Is it seriously only about 8 hours on battery life?  That's a little short for me.  10-12 would have been better but still not great.
  9. HiFiChris Contributor
    From my review:
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  10. Sound Eq
    i do not know is the plenue supposed to be better than plenue p1
    on amazon the price for plenue m2 is higher than plenue p1
    what is the difference between the m2 and p1
  11. jmills8
    new internal amp. Also other newer inprovements.
  12. Sound Eq
    u mean m2 is better and more powerful than p1
  13. jmills8
    Thats a good question. Its for sure more up to date.
  14. twister6 Contributor
    Older models get discounted to move the stock, thus making newer models appear more expensive.
  15. Sound Eq
    I took my friend to buy a cowon plenue m2 and i ended up buying one for myself.
    So i am joining this nice thread. Also i bought fiio a5 amp and they fit exatcly the same size as if theu were made for each other

    We tired all cowon s, p1 and m2 and they all sounded the same to us

    So we settled for the plenue m2
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