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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. kageroh
    I am running almost only FLAC and I am getting easily 50h+, including standby instead of fully turning it off.
  2. Pacman123
    Is there a way to keep the D from doing a database update every time you turn it on?
  3. hklink
    I might be interested in buying this player as a replacement for my Cowon D2+.

    Does it indeed have flawless gapless playback for both FLAC (44.1khz/16 bit)and MP3 files?

    And can it handle M3U playlists by copying those playlists to the device using windows explorer?


  4. shigzeo Contributor

    It doesn't have flawless gapless for MP3, that's for sure. 
  5. sledgeharvy

    Are you talking about the Plenue D not having flawless Gapless?? It's been perfect for me, as I've stated in the past.. This does Gapless better than any player I've used..
    If you were talking about the D2+ then, disregard my statement.. As I've never used the D2+.. But the Plenue D definitely works perfect for Gapless.. At least with all my albums it does..
  6. tienbasse
    Cowon has mastered gapless playback of MP3 files a long while ago, despite most other brands saying this is difficult to achieve due to the MP3 file structure.
    Of course with FLAC files, it's much easier.
    Even the VERY old Cowon D2 could do it.
  7. Jose R
    But, it does not do gapless playback with hi-rez (24/96 or 192).
  8. Raketen
    Just got Plenue D in. Pretty impressed by the low end coming from this thing. Overall sound a little mixed on vs A17 and L5P, but its early and I haven't dug into the DSPs and stuff yet.
    Really like the form factor too, smaller than I was expecting- build seems pretty good, not quite perfect. UI's alright, I almost always prefer buttons to touch, but can deal. I'm on old firmware still but even there the lag is infinitely more tolerable than AK Jr.
    Not experiencing this... Do you have Sleep Mode enabled in settings? I think it's like A17 which goes into a low power mode until it hasn't been used for like 16 hours, when it actually shuts off, at which point it has to rebuild the database when turning on?
  9. Pacman123
    Yeah I turned that off when I first got it but I will turn it back on now. Thanks

    The eq settings are great on it. The bass on headphone 3 or mach3bass is really nice.
  10. shigzeo Contributor

    I am talking about the Plenue D. Compared to a modern iPod, gaps are evident even in gapless recordings. They are tiny, barely a blip, but they do exist. There are tracks where they mostly don't, but it is a toss up.
  11. sledgeharvy

    Cool, well.. Just stating that for me and my usage, I don't notice it, and I listen to Pink Floyd and Tesseract where it seems like the entire album is just one long song. But if you do, cool.. It could also be the fact that I mean the Gapless in the sense that you can start on Track 3 and rewind to the ending of track 2. That to me, is a brilliant way to utilize the Gapless feature.. And that is something almost no other player does.. I said Almost.. Not NO other player.. Lol.. Just clarifying...
  12. Jupiterknight
    I notice the gap, the very short little click, on albums loaded onto to the internal memory but not when the same album is on the external micro card (Sandisk). I have tested it multiple times with the exact same result. My MP3 files/albums aren't true gapless when played from the internal memory but they are when played from the external memory card.  But maybe it's only my Plenue D that behaves that way!
    sledgeharvy likes this.
  13. clee290
    Just received my Plenue D earlier today and been messing around with it a little bit. Really surprised at how small this thing is!
    One thing I noticed was that when viewing an album via the library (either Album or Artist > Album), the song that should be at the top of the list, is at the bottom.
    In my situation, I don't have track numbers for my songs. So a song starting with A should be listed before a song starting with C. Instead, the song starting with A is all the way at the end of the list and the song starting with C is at the top. I thought it may have been because I don't have track numbers, but even after putting track numbers, I get the same problem.
    Anyone else have this problem?
  14. shigzeo Contributor

    I'll have to cue up Tesseract in MP3 to see. It didn't work with In Search of Sunrise (Tïesto) but the gap was small. The rewind feature is cool, but I don't see how that has anything to do with the listening of music gaplessy. Anyway, my battery is almost ran down (48 hours). I need to perform two more run downs before I get back to enjoying my music. Thanks for the feedback.
  15. sledgeharvy

    Just listening to the Tesseract Polaris album should make you happy enough.. Lol.. :beers:

    I say the rewind feature is nice addition to the Gapless, as without Gapless, that would be impossible. It has to load both songs instantaneously essentially.. I still say it's a pretty impressive feat even if there is a split second gap.. And sure, it could be due to the conversion process
    jmills8 likes this.
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