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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. Photoman
    I had the a17 for one day and shipped it back. Under powered and the hiss was very noticeable. In a matter of fact my Fiio X1 sounded better. But the D will beat both of them. also I agree with jmills8. I would buy it again
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  2. Steve80
    Hey guys - thanks for answering!
    And how about the screen ? If i waching rewiev, i see very very bad screen. In my old J3 was amoled screen, and was not very good resolution, but as far as I've seen it was better than this Cowon.  Is it true ?  When I saw this video I was very surprised and disappointed its quality.
    Sorry for my english !
  3. jmills8
    If a screen is the most important factor for you best get a phone and be happy. I prefer the sound from the D than the AK240.
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  4. Raketen
    Actualy just tried it and the A10 walkmen does the rewind thing too, nifty feature, it never occured to me to even try that lol [​IMG]
    idk about SQ (haven't heard cowon, on its way here)- Sony sounds very nice imo, I still like it even after trying a couple higher-end players, but like Photoman said is definitely low power for anything but portable headphones (I thought even relatively easy ones like HD25 and DT1350 were slightly underdriven too, though still sounded OK), if yours scale well might be a SQ improvement even just from the power difference.
    Reading the comments on that video, apparently it was a faulty unit, he got it replaced.
    Display is same resolution as walkman, but larger so it will probably look worse (2.8" Wide Angle Capacitive Touch LCD (240x320) vs 2.2" on walkman).
  5. shigzeo Contributor

    He's not said it's the most important thing. He's said that he's worried that it is a hardware defect. If it is a hardware defect, he has the right to be concerned, and to have it replaced at the distributor's discretion.
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  6. pat1984
    Has anyone looked at the new upload of PlenueD UCI (user creative interface) on the Cowon Korean website? I am new to Cowon DAPs and have no idea what it does but I am guessing it is a user interface customization tool?[​IMG] May be some of you with more experience with Cowon DAPs can let us know. Thanks...
  7. audio123
    the more I used the Plenue D, I thought Im using one of the TOTL daps but I then realised its price tag is mid-tier.
  8. jmills8
    mid price and very good sound vs top price and ok sound ?
  9. audio123

    mid price and TOTL sound vs top price and TOTL sound. Plenue D can easily become a flagship of some brands
  10. jmills8
    You be amazed how many are not pleased with a $3000 dap but now are thinking the $4000 dap will make them happy. Also it depends on the sound you looking for and what sort of music you into. Many who review $2500 iems and $3000 daps are listening to an old woman singing while playing a piano or old dudes playing some sort of blend of Country and Rock. In this case if you into EDM you wint be as pleased as the reviewer is.
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    Most top-priced players have excellent sound, but they don't have the best amps, and are somewhat easily stressed under load. The Plenue D doesn't measure as well unloaded, but loaded, is mostly more stable.
    Whatever we personally think about it belongs in a different category. Objectively, Plenue D is both ahead, and behind players on the market, even in some cases, an iPod nano. I would suggest that it is better to leave TOTL as a descriptor for performance or anything apart from market fad out of the equation.
    It's like a slippery slope ever up, and which largely ignores actual sound quality, but begs for more stimulation and flagellation. 10.000$ and I'll be happy! 10.000$! But good characterisation of audiophile music. 
  12. sledgeharvy

    So.. Today, I finally attempted stacking the Plenue D with my Fiio E12A.. It does helps, but it's only a small improvement.. Yes, it's noticeable, which I guess is the point.. But for those who don't already own one, I wouldn't recommend you buy one specifically to stack with the Plenue D. (Unless you own a lot of headphones that are generally "Hard to drive." However, for the majority of us, It isn't needed, However, for those of us who just want that extra 8% increase in SQ, sure it helps.

    Now, adding the E12A to something like a Nexus 7 tablet, HTC One X+, or Nokia Lumia 1520, etc.. Yes, it does wonders.. They are devices that were way underpowered. Not that the iPhone isn't.. It definitely is.. Hence why I own one.. But I hate stacking.. It's so cumbersome. The bands get in the way of the UI... Like I said, this is why I would rather just have a DAP do it all..
    This isn't supposed to be anything to offend anyone, just inform those who may be seeking an addition 8-10% increase in SQ from their Plenue D.. If you want more out of Player, still recommend something with a True Line Out.. As using through the Headphone Out just make the Player act as a Pre-Amp, to alter color the sound, then just "Amplify" the sound with your amp.. Guess hence the name right.. Lol.. Over the weekend, I'll do a full review on the Plenue D. There aren't enough reviews on it.. Pretty pathetic honestly, it's a fantastic device, just needs more attention.
  13. jmills8
    Not too bad at all to take with me and I travel by foot and riding trains three hours a day. Smaller than my wallet.

  14. Ghisy

    Ohhhh custom UIs! Would you mind posting the link please?
  15. Pacman123
    Agree with jmills.

    I just got my D and the thing is tiny, alittle thicker then my X1, but lighter. So stacking with some velcro to my 5tx works great.

    I had the e12a and it was a good amp for the price, but it is literally an aluminum brick. Solid, but feels like you could kill someone with it if you tried.
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