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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    I also had the D2. It performed no better than an iPod video of the same generation, but had worse connection options. Great battery life.
    The Gen 5 is incredible. Under load, it isn't good, but if you use an amp, it was, and still is, an incredible option.
  2. fiascogarcia
    5.5 is the oldest piece of audio equipment I still own.  Don't listen to it often anymore, but when I pull it out and plug in my iems, I'm still surprised at its sq quality.  Especially with the Pure II.
  3. shigzeo Contributor

    Great combo. Great combo. We've moved on. Plenue D is better in most measurable ways, but unless you work your ass off, it won't play gapless, or even keep files in their original order. Still, for the price, and considering the market, Plenue D (not The D) is pretty good. 5.5 iPod is still my favourite, though iPhone 4s is a close second, and is actually a better-sounding (in objective terms) player.
  4. sledgeharvy
    Ever since a regular Cassette player and some CD players, I can't remember the last player I've ever used that allows me to seamlessly rewind from let's say the beginning of Track 3 directly to the ending of Track 2.. And I mean SEEMLESSLY!!! So far, this is the first DAP I've used that allows me to do that. For that alone, it's highly commendable on Cowon's behalf.
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  5. taffy2207
  6. moonlightsmoker
    Never liked the case from day 1 to be honest, it's just not to my liking. Had a look at the screen protector at AMP3, but couldn't see how many of them are in a pack, and whether they are finger-print magnets like the current one my other half ordered me from Taiwan for $12...
  7. k_j
    AMP3UK is offering a nice 200GBP discount for next  3hrs on P1 bringing it down to 540GBP - http://www.advancedmp3players.co.uk/shop/MP3_Players.1/Cowon.609/COWONP1/Cowon_Plenue_1__P1__High_Resolution__World_s_Finest_DAC__128GB_Music_Player.14436.html
    Can't decide if I should go for the P1 or the D.
  8. taffy2207
  9. k_j
  10. shigzeo Contributor
    Yes, that is a cool feature isn't it?
  11. BruceBanner

  12. Raketen
    Remember when they used to put the begining of a song at the end of the previous track on CDs? uggh.
  13. sledgeharvy

    Yeah, On the Meshuggah "Destroy, Erase, Improve" album there was about 20 of just jibberish guitar noises.. But cool nevertheless..

    And to BruceBanner..
    The reason it's nice to rewind from the beginning of the track to the ending of the previous track is the ending usually has a really cool part that I want to hear a couple of times.. That quick abrupt climax is always fantastic to listen to multiple times, and it is horrible to rewind to the beginning of that track then fast forward to the end.. Like I said, a really nice feature that I don't want to be left out in conversation as to it's importance to maybe not everyone, but for the few of us who do..
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  14. Steve80
    How would this compare with Sony A17 ? I mean sound quality.  I'am thinking of selling it and get cowon instead as an upgrade . 
  15. jmills8
    I didnt have the A17 but I did have the ZX100 and well the D is much better sounding than the ZX100. Better in most areas if not better than equal in other areas. Sorry for not using the audiophile KEY words or being detailed. I would buy another D if I lost it.
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