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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. sledgeharvy

    This is exactly why I state that the lines are being blurred in terms of price and SQ.. It's all due to the spec wars and technology not being able to keep up with our demands. Sadly, for example, a lot of the artists I listen to still isn't being released in the 24b. So to buy a player that can play 32b, is overkill. Until the music catches up to the players current technology, a lot of us are fine with buying players in the sub $500 range, because we probably don't have a lot of music that is sourced that high. It becomes the fact similar to a Bugatti Veyron, I own a $1.3 million dollar car that can do 253 mph, but the speed limit is 70 in my state.. Fantastic to know my player can eventually play 32b music when it becomes available.. But might be waiting some years before the artists I listen to remaster their music in that quality level.

    Honestly, if you're happy with a player, be happy with it.. Don't let someone who isn't completely happy about their product sway you one way or the other.. We all have a story to tell.. Enjoy your story...
  2. crazy eddie
    Nice, good point, love to hear people express, that's what.this is all about, but to do it in a nice way without offending anyone.
  3. audio123
    Music is in the ear of the beholder
    Fiio X1 can be considered TOTL if you think so, no one stopping you! [​IMG]
  4. crazy eddie
    And the funny thing is that x1 paired with e12, c5, mojo,ifi dsd, and so on ,sounds awesome, and going up the ladder even better, so enjoy everybody,
  5. audio123
    With that being said, Sansa Clip is TOTL
  6. Raketen
    Clip aint' no slouch, but I find a little bit noisy. When I switched from Nano to Clip+ I preferred Nano, but not having to convert flacs and no longer having to f* with iTunes was worth the sacrifice [​IMG] And with Rockbox, the settings! Awesome! Then again I've gone through three clips in less time than the nano lasted.
    In terms of UI/user friendliness at this price range, I haven't used the PlenD yet but it's gotta be tough to beat the A10/20 Walkmen.
    Really I should grab a dx90, seems like rockbox is being outpaced by tech (maybe everyone just moved to smartphones) and it might be one of the last dinosaurs. Sadness.
  7. audio123

    Classic example of how everyone has different perceptions on the best dap where one can think an A15 for example can win an AK240.
  8. Raketen

    One day there will be a DAP to rule them all and make everyone feel special and loved, it has been written.
    Jr had appealing sound but a horrible experience in practice- unlikely I will ever try 240 or revisit AK- ignorance is bliss [​IMG]
    In the meantime ordered a D, hope the output increase from A10 will be adequate for my needs. Also looking forward to trying out Cowon's lauded EQ for the first time.
  9. audio123

    if ignorance is bliss, why are you reading headfi? [​IMG]
  10. jmills8
    I had a Nano in 2009 ish and after one week I literally put it in the trash can. Bye bye.
    audio123 likes this.
  11. audio123

    Thinking back, I was so foolish to even buy Ipod for music purpose
  12. Raketen
    The more I read, the less I seem to know [​IMG]
  13. shigzeo Contributor
    2009 wasn't a good year for music players. From 2010, most players got pretty good. iPod nano became amazing in 2011/2012, but was pretty poor from gen 2 to gen 5. Then again, it wasn't bad compared to the rest of the DAP market at the time. They were pretty much all crap.
    Funny. Gapless music, great interface, battery life, some have phenomenal sound quality, good 2nd hand prices, great accessory support, apps (ios) etc. You may dislike Apple or the idea of iPod, but unless it is one of the duds (only a few exist), volume-matched and blind ABX'd with the same earphones, I would put good money on you not being able to tell one from a favoured DAP of the time. 
    tds101 likes this.
  14. jmills8
    True in 2007 ish I mainly used the Cowon D2 a square player then the Colorfly then Hifiman then DX100.
  15. audio123

    Ipod Classic Gen 5 is good legendary. I got the wrong generation
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