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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. vilasn
    Thanks so much for the pics.
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  2. sledgeharvy

    Yeah, I don't have astounding battery life.. However, it lasts literally all day from 7:00a, to 7:00pm, when I get home.. And still have at least what looks to be a half full battery indicator.. So more than enough for me to get me through the day.. By the way, all I use is Flac and MP3.. So if that helps anyone, awesome..
  3. sledgeharvy

    Anytime.. Not to mention, there are a few minor modifications to make to get a better sound depending on the IEMs or Headphones you're using.. I'm just really glad that there are a total of 4 custom presets... any less and that wouldn't have been enough.. Depending on the headphones/IEMs I am using at the time, I have multiple settings for each pair.. Depending on my mood and music genre.. I would like to have more custom presets and the ability to rename them.. But that's probably getting greedy.. Lol.. Other than that.. I'm really liking the player.. One thing, I finally had my first Hard Freeze.. I couldn't reset it.. I tried a lot of different ways to reset it.. I thing would work.. It only took 20 minutes of fiddling with different button combinations to finally get it to stop.. Holding the Volume buttons didn't work for me... But eventually it reset finally.. So that's good.. It hasn't done it since.. It happened when I tried going into Album cover mode.. Ever since then, I haven't attempted using Album cover mode..
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  4. Deftone
    have you compared them all side by side?
  5. Deftone
    so many conflicting opinions that i think need to be cleared up (yes its subjective) but! there has to be an actual point where you hear an X7 or LP5pro for example and say its a true hifi player?
    some people saying the Plenue D is better sounding than TOTL players or they cant tell any difference because its that good and then some people saying the Plenue D hides details, only should buy it because of using cowons EQ (using it flat doesnt sound good) and its no better than a TOTL smart phone.
    why id want to buy it 
    - Great price
    - small
    - 50 hour battery!
    but if it sounds no better than my Galaxy S6 then whats the point?
    no hate here just my thoughts [​IMG] 
  6. shigzeo Contributor

    The problem is this: 'sounds better' is completely subjective and changes from person to person. You can't argue that the blue I'm wearing and the blue another is wearing is either better or worse. You can argue only that one is deeper blue or lighter blue, which have objective measures against which to compare. 'Sounds better' is a throwaway term that leaves nothing but imagination and placebo.

    I've not heard or tested your Galaxy S6, but I'd imagine it tests pretty well. Sound quality, as understood as signal fidelity (cleaving as close as possible to the original source file) isn't subjective. If your S6 tests as good at the same volumes as an AK380, there is no way to objectively say the AK380 sounds better, and subjectively, you could just as easily (and accurately) say the S6 sounds better. It gets worse: you could actually prefer signal quality that in every measurable way is WORSE than another signal, and still say of it: it sounds better.

    Arguing which shade is better is stupid. And so is arguing from personal preference that one player 'sounds better' than another. It may sound better to you, but that means nothing at all. Objectively, and unloaded the D doesn't test as well as the AK380 but it bests the AK380 in several areas when loaded, and at normal listening levels, the difference between the two is minuscule (as is the difference between an iPhone 6 and an AK380, etc.). But there is no accounting for taste. Hence, the AK380 sounding worse or better to person A than a competitor that tests just as well. 

    There's also confirmation bias, buyer bias, price-based placebo, moods, weather, etc., that affect our perceptions of sound. The human being, the human ear, the human mind, and all circumstances surrounding that person affect how he or she interprets sound. But not a one determines the objective quality of a signal or player. Which is why opinions are like anal sphincters: everyone has one, and the loudest are often spouted by arse holes.
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  7. shigzeo Contributor

    Slang: I never get it.
  8. AeroSatan

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  9. Deftone
    i understand what your saying @shigzeo but im going to try and use this as an example to explain why i think better is not always subjective
    asking somone to say what headphone sounds the best, number 1 a pair of headphones $5 (distorted muddy congjested muffled) and number 2 The HD650/600 as the second headphone
    no one would pick number 1 as better if they heard both this imo is not subjective. it would be a clear win to any ones ears.
    this is where i get to the D, if the sound quality of it is clean, clear, detailed. then it becomes subjective. but if the dac amp implentation is that bad that the sound is dark, distorted and suffers from clipping then why would anyone prefer it.
  10. jmills8
    Make a video of your settings !
  11. shigzeo Contributor

    To the headphone example: yes.

    To the DAP example: every single DAP/amp will sizzle eventually as it can't supply enough current at a voltage output level. But neither the D nor the AK380 will clip with any normal headphone even at loud listening levels. The D actually shows less distortion at similarly extreme (louder than safe listening) listening levels through earphones. 

    The point is this: the idea that people are listening TO a device is silly. They are listening to the name, to the price tag, to the accessories. I put it to you again: some people swear by bad sound. Distortion is actually highly valued among audiophiles. I admit to enjoying a certain amount of harmonic distortion evident in valve amps. But there is no way Cowon or any modern audio company will release poor-sounding players. The 'sounds better' trope is and will remain purely subjective. 
  12. sledgeharvy
    Out of all the DAPs I've owned, it's honestly hard to say that ANY DAP is perfect.. Each has their own flaws, whether it's OS flaws, Size (too big, too small), Cheap plastic, Too heavy, Too much hiss for headphones I don't even own.. The list goes on and on..
    The main thing is what makes it perfect for you and your own personally needs for the IEMs/Headphones you own, and your personal musical tastes. What is fine for me, is not fine for others. That's why I'm glad there are so many fantastic DAPs within the Sub-$500 range.. Cheap enough to buy multiple DAPs.. Right now, the Plenue D is working for me, compared to the Fiio X3ii, X5ii, and iBasso DX80, simply due to the JetFx and the EQ customization possibilities. However, in the same breath, I can say that the other players I mentioned sound arguably better in terms of imaging or layering.. I honestly believe there is something wrong with the Plenue D, it's like it likes to border the fence of Sibilant without ever getting there.. Which I like, because it means to me, that Cowon is allowing me to be the judge of what works and what doesn't in reference to the EQ adjustments, where as the Fiio and iBasso players limit you the sliders to stay within a certain adjustment ratio to keep the clipping and distortion down.. But like I said, that goes both ways.. That is a good thing and a bad thing depending on the person and their abilities to manipulate the EQ settings. My opinion, if it wasn't for the few minor flaws that the DX80 currently has with it's OS, I'd easily say that is the perfect player for me.. But it isn't because it is still working it's kinks out, and honestly, doesn't have the viceral bass output of this Plenue D.. As I've stated previously..

    As always, this is all HIGHLY subjective and ONLY MY OPINION from MY PERSONAL USE of each of these aforementioned players. Your needs and expectations maybe COMPLETELY different, which is completely fine. I sincerely love my Plenue D, it works for me. It gets the job done as I expect for it to. But again, as I've stated previously, I am not known as one who is monogamous to just one DAP.. Lol.. So it's nice to have options...
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  13. oliverpool
    I would agree with shigzeo.  I have a AK100 Mk II blue and the QP1R. I would say it is almost everyway as good as the QP1R and better then the AK100 Mk II.  The AK 100 MK II still does not seem to play well with my 16ohm CIEM resulting in slight loss in air.  At the same volume, I prefer the bass levels from the QP1R. I could probably get the same effect with some bass boost on the Plenue D though.  
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  14. crazy eddie
    Wow, I love your explanation, it doesn't get better than that, I thought crazy eddie was alone,lol, but ,yea your right, for me the fiio x5.1, does it for me in the smoothness of some male vocalist, and to me its.more intimate, less lively as opposed to the plenue, which keeps you up, it picks you up, so they all serve their purposes, I love the way the x5, makes my house system sound, my yamaha rxv 463 with 7.1, Cambridge soundworks,but only use 5.1, and the two other satellites for when I just wanna do a quick list on anything, so I'll use the second channel and sub for that so , I can say that for me x5 with e12, and sony xba series do it for me, but the cowon I'm just learning g to use the eq, some professionals are helping me, to get it were I need it, so hopefully it will work out, now I'm also loving it with my flc8s, they are awesome together, but I love all the set ups,lol
  15. crazy eddie
    Nice to hear this,because the sound I get from jazz and instrumental with flac aac, and higher formats, the timbre I mean ,yes I have flc8s and it helps,but in clarity and mids wow, and bass it's also layered, I like it.
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