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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. crazy eddie
    That's a big boy to compare to specially when twister did the review compared to the real 846 and the umpro50 beat them in the bass and mids category , and let me tell you the 846 are excellent so there has to be something good, at a price of 155, the cables have to purchased seperate for 17.77 for original black, and braided copper, really nice for 17.77, so if they are what the reviews say I'm willing to make the buy, I just want some more honest ,eeviews, I have so many on the way, but I just want a nice collection of about ten good iems, that's enough for me, and then I have to get the big boys headphones,once.you listen to iems, I ask a lot in terms of sound from a hwadphone, for instance people are crazy over athm50 an honestly I've had them over a year, to sound decent they require power and they sound veiled across the spectrum, I rather listen to my jvc ha rx700 or 900, clear highs and mids, now the bass seems weird, but that's another place for discussion
  2. audio123

    pm me
  3. shigzeo Contributor

    At 270$, that goes without saying. Best UI at the price, and only problematic next to its competitors because of lag as well poorly designed radio cancels. The Fiio X3ii may hod a candle to it under load, but it not nearly as nice to use. I prefer the D in every case.
  4. Photoman
    I agree
  5. crazy eddie
    Wow so it's good to say that I haven't bought the x7 yet
  6. xaddictionx
    The D is truly a portable source. But subjectively, it's SQ hasn't grown much since J3 days. I've the D side by side AK100ii and Onkyo DP-X1. The D doesn't blow winds and whistles to both. It's unfair to compare them due to price bracket difference but purely on SQ wise to me the D hasn't reach that portable HiFi yet..
  7. shigzeo Contributor

    And I would disagree with you on almost every front. It is absolutely fair to compare D with peers that are more expensive. 
    I would also agree except for the problem of choking on more than about 140GB on a 200GB card. The 300$ Sony A17 has no problem with full cards. But the D sounds better.

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  9. SuperInframan
    I'm considering to buy a Plenue D, but i still have some questions about it...
    Is the Plenue D usable for Audiobooks? Does it have a bookmark function like its predecessor?
    Is there an option to auto-change directory if the end of a folder is reached?
    How big is the actual file count limit for the microsd usage? Is the file count limit only true for database usage or also for the file/folder browser?
    Is it possible to use the remote control buttons which are found on various headphones?
  10. taffy2207
    'The quest for the best' thing is becoming tiring.
    All that matters is whether the user is happy with it. Anything else is largely irrelevant. If you all decided tomorrow that you hated it, honestly I wouldn't care less, I don't need peer approval (My last DAP was a Colorfly C3, I loved it, still do).
    Just because something is technically better means very little, we're all after OUR sound and we all have different personal criteria. The D has what I was after, I'm happy.
    Is it perfect? Hell no, but it's perfect for me, for now.
    Saying it's the best DAP is dumb. It's a very good DAP in my opinion, but that's subjective. Some will hype it up to be the best thing since sliced bread, others will hate it. The truth lies somewhere in between.
    It's all about synergy between the equipment and most importantly between the equipment and the user.
    Saying something is 'the best' is frankly, nonsensical. There are far too many factors to consider.
    Deciding if something is 'Best for you' is another thing altogether.
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  11. crazy eddie
    I sell electronics so most of everything I get cheap , so far as I can remember I haven't bought anything more than 300, I have special, refurbished open boys ,used etc, as I've gotten things worth 900 for a little less than 300,
  12. crazy eddie
    Cowon plenue d sounds awesome with all my iems, just have to play with it, matches great with fiio amps.
  13. crazy eddie
    Xduoo x3 sounds great with all iems, specially flc8s, and matches well with all amps also, I haven't tried ifi, but everyone says they are the best, but so is c5 , or c5 with dac also, or the12a, so many I'm almost finished, once I get those things then I'll move to headphones about 5, then ,it's to my autobile and doing a nice home theater type with either jlaudio, on the doors and sub, or alpine all around, itsimple, I've done.that all my life and for me it's cheaper
  14. BruceBanner
    huehuehue... he said he 'prefers the D' xD
    (sorry... i am a bit immature)
    gelocks likes this.
  15. sledgeharvy

    I made a comment a few weeks back too, I gave my wife the D.. She loves it.. Lol
    BruceBanner likes this.
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