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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. aardvark5
    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm 58 and fronted rock bands since 1970 so I'm used to loud levels however up until December 2015 I was deaf in my right ear and not through music.
    I had a Stapedectomy operation which has given me my hearing back in my right ear and it is now better than my left.
    Hopefully this Cowon will be as loud as my PC and Phone setup.
  2. sledgeharvy
    I figured you were using internal memory, I understand it shouldn't matter, but it seems to be a software issue. Should be a pretty simple fix in the firmware. At least you've made it known, hopefully someone from Cowon reads through these threads as someone from Fiio and iBasso usually do.
  3. sledgeharvy

    True story, for this player, as you can see from the pictures of the EQ I posted, I do a lot of my listening in the 16-30 range depending on the EQ settings.. But from time time, it's fun to let loose and crank it up to the 50's.. Which is very loud.. Even though, I will say with the all the EQ settings turned down to -12 and the BBE and Mach3Bass turn up to 10, turning up to 70+ is not out of the question..
  4. sledgeharvy

    On the Sony XBA-1's, Sony MDR-EX50's, Sony MDR-XB110's, Sony XBA-A2's, RHA MA-600's, RHA MA750's, RHA T10's, and lastly, Etymotic HF3's..

    Those are the IEMs I have attempted using on this unit.. And each are more than capable of handling that amount of output.. However, My favorite pair up is the MA-600's.. I feel like it works the best with that pair.. Yes, the T10's are better, but as I've stated previously, the cable system is a bit of a hassle on the go, I prefer them at those where I will be stationary. For me, this player is perfect on the go, due to it's size and lively sound signature..

    *Caution* a rant coming.. Lol.. Purely my subjective opinion.. Not to influence anyone or offend anyone..

    IN MY OPINION, this player sounds fantastic for it's potential to produce visceral jaw pounding bass, and ability to bring out all the details in music better than I've heard on any other player. Which is the reason I love this player for on the go listening. What I dislike is when I'm done pounding my head with Bass, and dial in a different set of EQ settings geared towards clarity, I get the clarity, but there is a vagueness to it.. I can't say it's a distortion, nor can I say it's muddy.. I can't put my finger on it, but it doesn't sound as good compared to even the budget friendly Fiio X3ii. Now this is where it gets difficult.. Because I can't find a word for what it sounds like.. How can something sound so Clear to produce all the details the music has, to the crisp high and mids, thick bass.. It's all there, but it's like the sound stage is wrong.. best word I can use is "Imaging". The imaging of the music is not up to par with other players somehow, creating a soundstage that feels congested but not muddy/coherent. I guess this is why I state that the sound overall is Artificial. Too many details in the music and not enough places to put all those details. It took me a while to get used to this sound signature to understand. As this is a very different player than the iBasso DX80, and Fiio X3ii and X5ii.. This is a VERY capable player, and I do love it. Honestly, this is why I say I am not one for being Monogamous.. Lol.. I love how each player has something special to offer.. So far, I have not ran across an All in one device. Nor is there one in the pipeline from what I can see. So until that day comes probably in another 2 years, this will keep me more than satisfied for now..
  5. audio123
  6. audio123

  7. jmills8
    Ask Cowon.
  8. BruceBanner
    I listened for many years to Cowon DAPs. First the X5, then the D2, then the C2 and i9+, I completely abused the DSPs creating superb fun engaging sounds yet at that time (unbeknownst to me) and 'artificial' sound signature.
    I then bought the Alien Shozy. This DAP introduced me to how a DAP with a FFR should sound sound. Clear, concise, detailed, non muddy, well balanced, low hiss and superb separation. This I felt is how Flat should sound! Not like Sansa (and Cowon's un EQ'd) which to my mind sounded dull and lifeless. It was for me like a vinyl DAP without the hiss and crackles, organic, warm (at least with my PFE 232's) and just really addictive.
    However, due to not having an EQ of any kind I would be lying if I said certain albums were missing something due to lack of being able to 'bring them to life'.

    Then incomes the Hidizs AP100. With it's dedicated EQ and Source button, and having hardware based EQ, I was able to get essentially the benefits of the Shozy combined with the ability to EQ, thus getting the best of both worlds.

    I feel as tho the AP100 is my best sounding DAP I have heard to date. But i have also learned that sound quality is very subjective. I may dig out my old Cowon (or sansas) have a listen and once again be impressed and feel it sounds better than the AP100. So in short I am full of **** and don't listen to a word I say.
    why is 1% increments bad? Most seem to report never going near 100/100?
  9. shigzeo Contributor
    What? That's not the sound level, that's the metric by which the output is translated into human-readable terms. It could be 1/1 or 25/25 or 1000/1000 and still be the same volume. A player that goes to 160/160 could have a far quieter output. The numbers mean nothing at all. Gosh.

    BTW, the AK JR, whose scale goes to 75, and the iPhone 6, whose scale goes to 16, are both as powerful. The scale means nothing. How could you possible think the numbers mean anything at all but a simple reference?

    EDIT: cleared up the part about the iPhone 6.
    I love the 100/100 scale as scales based on traditional 10x10 grids are far easier to relate to. 
  10. audio123

    haha I use an impedance plug
  11. audio123
    Ignore that message.What I mean is it has not enough power to drive
  12. crazy eddie
    Thank u I took pictures of your settings, hope they work for me
  13. crazy eddie
    It's funny you guys are talking about that feeling, that emotional bond, like when I listen to benny chawes, on my x5, I don't get that effect from the plenue d at least at that song but with instrumental, the cowon and I'm just learning g to use the eq, I think I'm getting better with it with the eq, but even my xduoox3, sounds like the x5,I guess they all play their part, they are all great,
  14. audio123

    listened to your advice.plenued+flc is sensational
  15. BruceBanner
    Ya higher the better imo, 100/100 or 80/80 is decent. Cowon's older 40/40 is bare minimum imo. I hate the Android 16 step or whatever, and slider bars can go **** themselves!
    Silly billy.
    What are you trying to drive? Is the impedance plug that necessary for portable on the go rig? :S
    EDIT: I am curiosu tho about the impedance plug, I have often thought of buying one. For example, I have learned that the C2 and i9+ are very hissy, I'm guessing the M2 is of the same hiss. I wonder if an impedance plug would help as the M2 is pretty much the poor mans PD. But i rekon at volumes I use it would lower too much.
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